Chelsea Clinton's speaking fee: $65,000

Nice work if you can get it.

In other news, Hillary Clinton wants to get the money out of politics.

Hard to say who is more corrupt. You might think it is the person who has accomplished very little and has almost no experience to speak of that asks for $65,000 for a few minutes of time. But a good case can be made for the public university that pays that fee. I really don’t get how anyone can see these folks as a champion for the poor when they charge such outlandish fees and get paid them.

She does have two Masters degrees from Oxford University as well as an Oxford PhD. Those are accomplishments.

And I don’t think many people are asking her to speak. My speaking fee on PR is $25,000 because I don’t want to speak much. LOL I don’t have the time and don’t want to travel, but for $25,000 for one hour, I’ll make the time and put up with the travel.

There are lots of folks with such degrees. They don’t command $65,000 or probably even $1 for just that experience. I can see a university making such an argument since education is their racket.

Can’t blame anyone for taking what is offered. It’s a free market and if she were worth less, they would offer less.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…:rolleyes:

Tbf she’s already doing that. It’s going to the Clinton Foundation from Saudi Arabia and any other provider of War, baby killing, illegal mass immigration and good old fashioned “lobbyists” as well as speaking fees.

True, and how many places pay her to speak? I haven’t heard of any, but I haven’t heard of everything. Far from it! LOL

Hillary, yes, Chelsea, no.

One hundred percent of her fees are routed back to the Foundation, so at least she’s earning a part of her salary!

I don’t know that I’d call it a free market. This fee was paid by a government school. It depends on government money. Other institutions like banks are highly regulated and rely on the government for bailouts. Big corporations in general depend on the government favoring it by way of regulation, bailouts etc.

If you read the article in the ny times, it says no school money was used. Donations were used.

I charge a cool million - I don’t like to be bothered and this works! So far, no offers!

The sad thing is that I have already done more in my life than she will in her entire lifetime. (And I wouldn’t pay anything to hear me speak.):thumbsup:

Hey if there’s some organization that’s willing to pay her that, or people are willing to pay this this amount to go hear her speak, good for her.

What bothers me is that she and those of her political ilk do nothing but rail against “the rich” and there supporters can’t connect the dots on the hypocrisy.

I don’t know… Two master’s and a Ph.D is pretty impressive.

I need to start doing speeches myself.

Folks if any of you want me to do a speech at your church, school, recreational center, family gathering I charge $200 every 15 minutes.


Why are you jealous? **

I don’t see that indicating jealousy at all. Just sort of joking.

To be fair, Chelsea Clinton did get two Masters degrees from Oxford, and a PhD, also from Oxford, I think. Those are accomplishments not every person could manage. Not defending or condemning her fee, just pointing out she has accomplished something.

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