Has anyone heard of the spiritual movment of chemin-neuf? I believe that Ignatian spirituality is part of their spirituality as well as being part of the charismatic renewal.

Google has a lot of information. For example

Chemin-neuf is described as a Roman Catholic Community with an ecumenical vocation. It grew out of a prayer group in Lyon, France, in 1973. In 1984, the community was recognized as a Public Association of Christ’s Faithful.

This type of branching out from a charismatic base happens. The work of the Holy Spirit is not limited to one specific group.

Properly speaking, Chemin-neuf would be considered a Catholic “association” or “spiritual organization” which is not the same as the current Catholic Charismatic Renewal organization.

For information about local Chemin-neuf as well as information about local Catholic Charismatic Renewal groups, it is best to check with the Diocesan office or with a Church Pastor. In some dioceses, this would be part of the office of the Vicar for Spirituality.

Link to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

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