Chesapeake parents take stand over teen's grades
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Trenton O’Neal, 15, of Chesapeake stands at the intersection of Ahoy Drive and Airline Boulevard in Chesapeake with a poster of his grades at Western Branch High School. His parents Tanyeil General and the Rev. Donald J. General Jr. made their son stand at the intersection on Saturday as punishment for his poor grades. (Bill Tiernan | The Virginian-Pilot)

I like it.


What’s an E?

While some schools denote academic failure with an “F” grade, other schools use the letter “E” to denote failure.

The parents better be careful. They’ll upset the UN doing stuff like that. :rolleyes:

Nice call Wol…:thumbsup:

One word: OUCH!! O_O;;;

I would disagree. Fail call right there Wol! :eek:

Using public humiliation as punishment doesn’t sit well with me.

What’s wrong with grounding? Taking away privileges? Tutoring? Sitting down with your kid every night and reviewing the material?

I just don’t see how this tactic is going to solve this kids problem. :nope:

Hopefully it was embarassment enough to set the boy straight.
However, I do agree with you…
Were the parents asking if he had homework?

Where was the mid-term progress reports?

Asking if he was having trouble understanding things and getting a tutor or extra help, even from a classmate that understands the subject enough to help.

Why wasn’t the teacher calling home concerned that their child that is failing?

All this can be avoided by getting involved “Proactively” and not getting the report card and being “Reactive” to the situation.
Another good example of not being connected in your child’s life and knowing what they are doing and how they are acting and who they are involved with… etc…

Be Your Child’s Parent!!!


Perhaps these bridges have already been crossed with this child and this is the next step?

True… You’re right… could be.


Possibly. But it’s still not a step I’m comfortable with taking.

These parents have a right to discipline the way they see fit, I just don’t agree with it. My own son struggles to keep his grades up. We ground, take away video game privileges etc. But I would never dream of humiliating him in public over it. He’s a smart kid, but school is just not what he’s good at. I’ve accepted that’s who he is. Not that I give up on him, but he takes after me and his dad. We were the same way in school. I know what it’s like for him. Not every kid was born to be a straight A student.

Couldn’t agree more. If the boy has ability he needs help with his studies; if he doesn’t he needs to be guided elsewhere. There is probably much we don’t know, but public humiliation of a young person is only going to result in resentment.

Except in the Marines where public humiliation is common and it usually causes boys to turn into men.

Throughout history, public humiliation and a judicial punishment has been common. It is also very effective. While it is certainly uncomfortable for the person being punished, when has punishment ever supposed to be comfortable. Seems to me the chance of recidivism is very low. I support the idea of public humiliation as a form of punishment under certain circumstances.

His parents are cruel idiots.

Shouldn’t he be in his room studying, instead of standing around outside like that? :confused: :shrug:

Good point.

Apparently that did not do any good. Did you not read in the article that he was not even turning in the homework that he actually did do?

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