Chewing gum and communion; appropriate action???

If as an EME or even say as a priest you notice someone coming up for communion chewing gum what is the appropriate thing to do?

Do you say or do anything?

When we first moved to this parish, there were a number of bulletin adverts exhorting people to remember the fast includes chewing gum. I don’t think anyone was turned away, but that may be because I’m tuned more internally during the Eucharist than at other times. As an EME I’ve never come across someone chewing gum when set to receive.


If you are a EMHC I would direct this question to your pastor and/or whoever is in charge of training.

No, but there may be a need for some medical reason to avoid having a dry mouth. We never know the reasons why. Peace.

As long as they don’t stick the gum under the pew. :smiley:

There is no rule against drinking water, if needed. I have even seen priests drinking water during Mass.

Chewing gum actually dries the mouth out, rather than moistening it, as well as the fact that it’s hard on your teeth.

I am sometimes called upon to act as EMHC. So far, I have never had anyone come forward with gum in their mouths. I hope I never encounter such a thing, because I would have no idea what to do.

I have occasionally had to remind people to throw out their gum before entering the Church. And I have sometimes encountered gum under my pew, so obviously there are people who don’t think that the “no gum in Church” rule applies to them, personally.

The is a EME at my parish who chomps on her wad of gum from the minute she comes. Into church until right before she prepares to administer the Eucharist!Apparently she hasn’t been told this is a no no…:eek:

That made me laugh as it really does happen!

LOL! Unlikely that anyone will carry a bottle of water into church or into the pew! Let me know if you do!

Our pastor used to have me get up before Mass and say that NO ONE is allowed gum in the sanctuary.

But then, you have people in the folk choir who chomp all the way to communion.

It’s pretty disgusting.
I’ve seen the same priest say “get that gum out of your mouth and get back in line after you’ve disposed of it.”

That’s why I don’t go feeling under the pews :eek:

Back on point, pensmama87 is correct – an EMHC should consult the priest to ascertain how to deal with this problem. It is encouraging to hear that it doesn’t happen all that often.

I always chew gum at Mass. No matter how well I am hydrated, chewing gum makes me sing much better due to mouth moisture. I would NEVER present myself for communion with gum in my mouth. Not ever.

Back when I was an EMHC I would occasionally have someone present themselves for communion while chewing gum. Every time it was someone under 25. They just didn’t know. I would just softly say “you need to remove or swallow your gum.” There was never an issue. Quite a few seemed to appreciate knowing.

BTW, the easiest way to get rid of gum before coming up for communion is to simply tear a small piece from one’s bulletin, place the gum in it, roll it up and place in one’s pocket.

There is no prohibition against chewing gum in church. Hopefully one does it discreetly of course.

I do that. Especially if I jog to Mass. All our cantors do. So do many others. Taking a long pull of water a while after receiving communion is actually a sign of reverence.

Proof of either? I certainly would never chew gum with sugar in it, but what you suggest sounds incorrect.

No one should ever “chomp” on gum, not ever. But chewing gum – particularly if done in a discreet manner isn’t prohibited within the confines of a Catholic church at Mass.

Water and medications are permitted. Gum is neither water nor medication.

Nor is it something that would get into your mouth by accident, such as a bug, or post-nasal drip.

If you have gum in your mouth at Mass, don’t give it to your dog if he is with you because there are things in gum that can make a dog sick.

My mother used to give our dog her chewing gum when I was a kid, and it was funny watching her chew it. Back then, I think the ingredients weren’t like they use now.

So there are three no-nos: don’t chew gum in church, don’t give it to your dog, and don’t take your dog to church unless he is a therapy dog.

Somebody brought his little dog to church once, and the usher asked him to leave. (The meanie!)

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