Chewing Gum on Good Friday?

I mentioned this on the “Fasting on Good Friday” thread in this category and while there was one response (thank you), I’m hoping for a more definitive answer.

There’s a very minor disagreement in my household about the use of chewing gum on Good Friday. In my opinion, no, but others in the household say it’s not a problem. The person in question, to my knowledge, otherwise only had one full meal. (I don’t know how long the gum was in the mouth, but I believe it was there at least some time between the hours of noon and 3 (and afterward).

Trying not to judge but it would be nice to know if there is a rule.

Thanks in advance for the guidance. God bless.

I did a search on “gum” in Ask An Apologist here are CAF and came up with 25 results. I’ve listed a few of the 25 results below, which may be helpful to you. I narrowed the field to *Ask An Apologist *only, as they are our resident experts here at CAF, but I’m sure you would get a lot more results and opinions if you did an all-inclusive search on “gum.” Unfortunately, I did not find anything specific to Good Friday fasting and chewing gum.

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Something happened after our Good Friday service that may be relevant to your question here. I’ve asked a question about it in the Ask An Apologist forum. If my question is answered, I’ll post the link to that Q&A here.

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