Chicago A Top Terror Target; Ominous Tweet Connects ISIS Threat In City


Senator Inhofe warns of potential terrorist attacks on U.S. soil


I think it is a scare tactic, Al Qaeda would try to scare people as well. That doesn’t mean it should be discounted. Law Enforcement is on Alert over this.

Does anyone even know who the leader of ISIS is as we knew the leader of Al Qaeda?


ISIS knows better than to have some publicly known leader…although Im sure they do have a rank system. Al Qadea actually thinks they are too brutal…this is coming from the group that masterminded 9-11…!!! I think we are underestimating them.

I believe they probably do have sleeper cells in the US right now, or on the way, Id also bet they are currently trying to figure out what would be the best attack they can pull off on the US…They are now in charge of fleets of heavy US military gear and weapons, they rule Iraq for the most part…they are a growing organization for sure. If they ever get military aircraft, the US is in serious trouble.

I would not be surprised if they attacked the US on US soil at some point in the near future, I also believe it will make 9-11 look like a day at the park.


Yeah, al Baghdadi. He’s been profiled by many major publications over the past year.


Thank you, yes, it was the BBC article I believe I had already read.


I feel that ISIS is too smart to give anything away. As law enforcement closes in on Chicago, they could strike in any other major city, or many at once. As an offshoot of Al-Qaeda, they know all the mistakes they’ve made and can perfect their plans.

May God grant us peace, and may he grant members of ISIS and their victims enlightenment and mercy.


I would not be surprised if they attacked the US on US soil at some point in the near future,

I hear on the news they could be already.

I also believe it will make 9-11 look like a day at the park.

That’s the analysis I’ve heard and I agree.


ISIS can dream all they want, but you can’t blow up a city without a nuke and ISIS doesn’t have a nuke. And if they did, I would think they would want to blow up Assad or Baghdad first.

And a picture with a scrap of paper that says we’re here and written in late June is hardly earth shattering.


Not long ago, ISIS was called “JV” by Obama. I wonder if people still believe that too?

I guess the Police and other Law Enforcement and Security are on alert for no reason.


We shouldn’t get into a panic mode about them though. They are estimated at 17,000 strong. The Kurds have a much bigger army than they do, so does Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. So do the Iraqis (if they fight)


What bothers me though is how much money they have.
They captured 7 oil fields from what I understand.
They are well funded. They have connections.

If we go against ISIS I would hope we would not go against them alone.

We are so weak right now with a President who seems disconnected from the danger.


We dont know that for a fact. You can get ANYTHING on the black market…a group like ISIS could probably get ahold of a small yield device, I imagine they have terrorist connections.

Plus, it would not have to be a nuke, terrorists are not stupid, they have scientists, engineers, etc at their disposal, I wouldnt be surprised if they came up with another ingenious way of ‘blowing up’ or destroying an entire city.


Here is your alternate theory…

They are not going bigger.

Terrorists are terrorists by doing small and scary things.
Watch for many small attacks against weak targets with a great deal of fanfare.


I agree. They won’t do an entire city. They’ll pick a vulnerable target and make a huge spectical of it. If you’re going to terrorize people, you do so at places where they do normal routine activities. If you want to make a statement, you attack places like the World Trade Center or a federal building.


You attack the children.

It will get headlines and terrorize parents throughout the nation.


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