Chicago archbishop decries targeting of gays in Orlando attack


(RNS) Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich has decried the apparent targeting of gays and lesbians in the Orlando nightclub massacre and called for greater efforts on gun control, the first senior U.S. Catholic churchman to identify a likely reason the victims were singled out and raise the controversial issue of access to weapons.

“Our prayers and hearts are with the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando, their families and our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters,” Cupich said in a statement issued Sunday afternoon (June 12).

Of the three issues that people are focusing on - ISIS terrorism, gays, and guns - it was good to see a religious leader name gays and guns.


While no one should be targeted for slaughter, gun control isn’t the issue here. Terrorists don’t buy guns the way ordinary citizens do. They circumvent the gun ownership laws–of which there are already plenty. Terrorism isn’t going to be thwarted by depriving law abiding citizens of guns–indeed, if some people at the night club had had guns the death toll might have been far fewer persons. Terrorism has to be recognized for what it is, so it, not guns, is targeted and eliminated. The problem is we have leaders at the highest levels in government who won’t even name it as terrorism or do what needs to be done to prevent radical Islamists targeting innocent people. Unless that happens all the gun control laws in the world aren’t going to make a dent in terrorists targeting whomever they please.


Nice to see someone who I agree with, Im tired of hearing everyone talk about guns and even the gay thing to a certain extent, the REAL issue is islamic terrorism, seems like far too many people do not want to admit this and instead focus on the tools, targets, etc.

I remember when Tim Mcvey blew up the OK Fed building, back then, everyone addresses the real problem, no one chose to focus on how easy it was to rent moving trucks or how he was able to buy so much fertilizer, I dont understand why there is so much difference today.


The reasons why so many in government soft-peddle Islamic terrorism is because they believe as long as they feed the crocodile we’ll be immune. That’s obviously not true. It’s the same approach Chamberlin used with Hitler and we all know how effective that was. Ever since 9-1-1 the elites have bent over backwards to placate terrorists. The sad thing is, that only incites terrorists not keeps them at bay. The elites really believe that we can mother them into seeing how naughty they are to do such things–as if we in the West need to treat those in the Middle East like errant children. Diplomacy is a good thing, but when it fails, especially when approached in such a wrong-headed way, stronger measures need to be taken. Our government simply won’t do what needs to be done.


If guns are such an issue, why is the homicide rate of US Whites roughly equivalent to countries in Europe?


Black lies, white lies and statistics…


It isn’t "racist’ to point out facts. Still, most people, black or white or any other race, don’t murder their neighbors merely because they own guns. People who murder others do so for many reasons and will use whatever is handy to do it. If the murder rate is higher among some groups of people in some areas we need to ask why that is, and then get to the root causes instead of merely pointing at guns as if taking guns away will solve everything. That won’t make any difference since those who wish to kill others, for whatever reasons, will find the means to do so. The Boston massacre was done with pressure cookers, not guns–not even conventional bombs. We need to get our heads out of non-issues, such as gun control, and get them into what we can do/need to do to stop Islamic terrorism in our countries.


If this thread is going to focus on gun laws, let’s at least get the facts of this case correct:

Actually, Mateen bought his weapon through the ordinary means and passed the background check. His weapon was purchased legally.

And I’m done here. :popcorn:


First gun grabbers say we need “reasonable” checks.
When that doesn’t work, they want “stringent” checks.
When that doesn’t work, they go all on board for banning “assault rifles” or another nebulous term
When that doesn’t work, they want to ban all guns.


Agree. And my intention was to note that a very prominent Archbishop called out the targeting of the gay community.


Oh they want to do more than ban them all, I think they want to reach a point where they have squads going door to door, confiscating guns.

Its strange though, no one seem to be questioning why they desire a disarmed public…I can bet it has nothing to do with stopping mass shootings!


Yup, the white, non hispanic murder of 2.7 rate is much, much lower than many European countries:

We don’t even need to get into other developed countries with strict gun control like Brazil.

The homicide rate for African Americans, fyi, is on par with African countries.

Makes one wonder whether it’s really the guns that are the problem.


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This goes along with the old question as to why there are numerous gun shops and liquor stores in ‘black neighborhoods’ but not in white or other neighborhoods.

It is strange it does seem to be like this everywhere I have seen, but that would imply an organized effort to sort of ensure they destroy themselves, but then again, if you look at why drug laws were put in place, it was done solely due to race, to keep certain races out of certain parts of town, so…??


It’s his intentions that matter here, not if he was able to buy guns legally. The man was filled with hate and acted on it, based on his radical beliefs. We need people inside the Islamic communities who are willing to report those who actively speak out about killing others, as this man did. Still, most terrorists buy their guns through others or illegally. They would get hold of those guns even if every other person in the country had none or could not buy them. Those determined to kill others will find a way–that’s the point here, not if any particular person was able to legally buy a gun.


For religions, Orlando a wake-up call to ensure faith isn’t hijacked

…As I was greeting people after the Mass a woman from the congregation approached me. In earshot of other parishioners who were milling about she said, “Father, yes, this is a terrible tragedy, but you do know that if they hadn’t been in a place like that at two in the morning, they would still be alive.”

I was dumbfounded, literally speechless.

How had she listened to my homily and received communion at the table of love and unity, and still arrived at such a conjecture? In fairness, I don’t believe she was saying that the scores killed and injured deserved it, or were directly responsible for their fate, but the implication was almost as chilling: If those in the Pulse nightclub hadn’t been socializing in a gay - and therefore, in her view, immoral - environment in the middle of the night, their lives would have been spared.

Nothing good happens at 2 a.m., especially in a gay club.

It is not a far reach to conclude that she was saying, bad things happen to bad people. (I must assume that she had also turned a deaf ear to my homily on the Book of Job.) I took to Twitter in an attempt to process my feelings about this post-Eucharist encounter. I felt no obligation to keep the woman’s comments private since she uttered them proudly and publicly.

The responses on Twitter were immediate. Most empathized with my dismay, but there were other responses that took me aback. One person tweeted: “Saying LGBT relationships are ‘intrinsically disordered’ and ‘morally evil’ incites hatred worldwide not love…Catholic teaching on LGBT is part of the problem. It fuels hatred and bigotry worldwide. It kills LGBT hearts.”

Others tweeted in agreement.

Read the rest


And then when all murders are committed by people pushing other people out of windows, do we start banning windows?

Mass shootings have a remarkable way of ending fairly quickly after meeting armed resistance. I’m in favor of putting guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens who are willing/able to handle the guns so that bad guys can’t go into a nightclub thinking “easy targets all around” or into other places (such as schools or churches) … because they can’t know who (or how many) people might be concealed-carry ready to stop a bad guy.


This priest seems a bit naive if he didn’t predict that something like this was going to happen. You don’t have to be able to predict the future to know that Christians are going to bear the brunt of abuse for this attack, not Muslims. I’m not sure what he’s implying at the end of the article. That church teachings on homosexuality should change? There is very little else we can do. Trying to use sweet words to talk about this to people ultimately isn’t going to help. Unless church teaching were to change (which it won’t), homosexual activists are going to see the Church as complicit in this kind of violence. Nothing else will satisfy them.


Well… no one disagrees with that.

Christians are taught to “love the sinner but hate the sin.” Murdering sinners isn’t the answer.

But Islam doesn’t teach “love the sinner but hate the sin.” Islam’s punishment for sins is without mercy. Yet the ACLU finds a way to blame what happened in Orlando on Christians. :mad:



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