Chicago area abbey with nuns in habits?

Does anyone know where there is an abbey in the Chicagoland area where the sisters wear traditional habits, that would be open to a visit by a young girl (with her mother)?

i think you might try looking in the phone book. it is my understanding that the term “discalced” is used in their name. i think they are located north of desplaines off river rd. also, near resurrection hospital near cumberland and higgins, there may be another group.
there are also french nuns that attend a church on central at race, i think. across the street from the library. the name escapes me. hope it helps. have a good year. (alih):thumbsup:

Yes, the Discalced Carmelite Nuns, NE corner of Central @ River Rd. in DesPlaines. They sing like angels at the Latin Mass, 8:30am on the First Saturday of the month. Very beautiful.

I heard they asked Cardinal George once to say the Tridentine Mass for them and he obliged.

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