Chicago Area Teens sponsor PRO-GUN town hall type meeting

I thought this was pretty interesting.

Chicago, in fact the entire Chicago area, is a hotbed of anti-gun activity. So last month when the League of Women’s Voters organized an anti-gun meeting, local teen agers decided to respond.

The fact that the very anti-gun DAILY HERALD newspaper even printed this is amazing, but given that kids put it together I suppose it would have been hard for them to ignore.
[INDENT]Teenagers gather to support gun ownership rights
By Robert Sanchez | Daily Herald StaffContact writer
Published: 5/6/2009 12:02 AM

A group of young people Tuesday night chimed in on the old debate over gun control.

And the message they stressed during a Second Amendment forum at Wheaton city hall was that gun-control measures won’t reduce firearm-related violence.
. . .
Olivia Snow said she decided to participate because she wanted to talk about the value of the U.S. Constitution.

"We stand here today as young Americans feeling that it is our duty - not only to protect our own rights - but to protect the rights of the generations to come," the 17-year-old Wheaton resident told the crowd of more than 100 people.
. . .
Members of the audience interrupted speakers only to applaud, cheer or voice agreement.

While several gun-rights experts spoke, the teenagers got a huge response.
. . .
And 15-year-old Megan Liddy said shooting sports and hunting have helped boost her confidence.

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