Chicago City Government Closed For Business On Monday

“If you planned to check out a library book, visit a city clinic or have your garbage picked up on Monday, you’re out of luck. The City of Chicago will basically be closed for business on Aug. 17, a reduced-service day in which most city employees are off without pay, according to a release from the Office of Budget and Management. City Hall, public libraries, health clinics and most city offices will be closed. Emergency service providers including police, firefighters and paramedics will be working at full strength, but most services not directly related to public safety, including street sweeping, will not be provided, the release said.”

I don’t live in the Chicago area and haven’t been following news about the city’s government. Would anyone happen to know why the city is so short of funds they have to reduce services?

Its the fault of the Republicans on our city council!::slight_smile:

Seriously, though, the reports of the city government shutting down are seriously exaggerated. I’ve got some library materials due back tomorrow (books on cd’s) so I’ll check out the theory.

I’m sure they have a drop box. :smiley:

The library does not allow one to use the drop box for cd’s or dvd’s.

Well, I’m sure they will waive your late fees if they are closed.

In order to deal with budget defecits, employees of the city - both union and nonunion - are for the most part taking furlough days. By doing this, jobs are saved. The city has determined that today, the day after Thanksgiving, and one other day that I cannot remember right now are suitable for most employees to take these days. The other furlough days will be determined on an individual basis by each employee and her/his department head.

The goal of the days is to keep people employed, the theory being that having a slightly reduced pay check is better than not having any. I believe that only one union called the city’s bluff and refused to go along with the furlough days, claiming that their union contract would be violated. A number of jobs filled by the union’s employees were eliminated.

Some people just refuse to realize that you don’t mess with Daley II on things like this any more than you did Daley I.

So, were they open? Inquiring minds want to know…

Nope everything was closed…except the dept.of revenue, they still wrote parking tickets everywhere. Amazing how that works doesn’t it?!

Thanks. I’m not surprised that the meter maids didn’t get the day off. If anything, they probably benefited from the public thinking that they were good-to-go, since everything else was shut down.

I’m assuming the poster who said the reports were “seriously exaggerated” and was going to “check out the theory” with his library materials didn’t bother and/or feel the need to report back.

I renewed my tapes on-line. Sweet.

Yea! Welcome to the 21st Century! :wink:

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