Chicago Couple Waits Till Marriage for First Kiss,CST-NWS-firstkiss30.article

Check for a short video…

Surprisingly, this story has made national news! Fox & Friends covered it this morning, and the male anchors seemed to think it was ridiculous. :rolleyes: There have been some positive comments on online articles, though.

So…impractical? Silly? Or wonderful?

shrug whatever… if it works for them. :confused:

Bizarre and overly ascetic, sure, but wrong, not really. Just extreme.

I don’t think its “good” though since kissing isn’t sex or prohibited in any way. Perhaps they have strugged with lust in the past. Maybe they are prudes. Who knows.

Admirable, but unnecesary. I personally would not like that too much, but if I loved someone enough and she wanted that, I would respect her wishes.

“They didn’t even want to get close to temptation”

To each his own.

Who are we to say what is and isn’t necessary.:onpatrol:

I actually went to a fundamentalist evangelical church that preached even to HOLD HANDS before marriage was a sin, so I know of several couples who practiced this. Extreme ? Without a doubt.

I think it is great. And i plan to do the same thing… why get physical with someone you are in love with? All it does is lead to… unholy desires… Maybe i am extra weak or soemthin but that kind of physical contact (unless you are talking about a peck on the cheek) just makes me want … you know…

So i think every Christian (and every human being) should do the same. Thank you, Fox, for letting us know…

Strange that such a thing is apparently so rare that it makes the news… Strange world we live in and getting all the stranger…

kissing isn’t sex?

It seems like it to me…

so call me weird… been called that before (and worse)… :smiley:

I never got scared of getting pregnant from kissing…am I doing it wrong?

“I never got scared of getting pregnant from kissing…am I doing it wrong?”

:rotfl: Thanks for the laugh!!

My husband and I never french kissed before marriage, mostly because I knew it would start an avalanche we might not be able to stop :slight_smile:

We were very affectionate, though—physical affection means a lot to us. And close-mouthed kissing was a sign of affection between us that definitely bonded us while dating without leading us places that might have been too tempting for us at the time :wink:

But gosh, I had no idea kissing was sex…and here this whole time I’ve been thinking I was a virgin before marriage! :bigyikes: :bigyikes:

i think so…


every time i kiss someone (which is never these days) i start wanting to get pregnant…

Oh, that’s right, i always want to get pregant anywya… Hmmm…

Never mind…

I think it is beautiful. I remember meeting an elderly couple in their 90s who waited until they got married for their first kiss. They were still walking down the street holding hands, married for 70 years.

Many years ago, Dear Abby got a letter from a young girl asking if French kissing would make a girl pregnant. Abby responded, no, it won’t, but it might *lead *to a girl’s getting pregnant.

Wow, that was a long time ago!

I think that one should not do with a date anything one would not do in front of a spouse. IOW: one can assume a spouse would not be happy to see you, say, kissing someone else on the lips; holding hands etc. So why would you do those things with someone who is not your spouse? Even if you don’t have a spouse yet, that doesn’t mean that you are therefore permitted to do whatever, esp things that are a near occasion of sin.

*Why *do you think a spouse would be upset about a kiss on the lips? because of what that might lead to. And I think it’s easy to see in this day and age that one thing leads to another pretty easily!!!

Great news :slight_smile: Hope this spreads.

This reminded me of that episode of the Duggar family where the older son proposed to his girlfriend. They didn’t kiss or anything when she accepted. I think they shook hands or gave an awkward hug or something. The whole thing was weird and awkward.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but maybe at least a kiss on her hand was in order. Something…:shrug:

Well as abstinence instructors, they obviously preach by example. God bless them and grant them a long and happy life together until death does them part.

Me too. I think we are the norm for a chaste male. If you have a one or two year engagement you are just torturing yourself with suggesting to your body something it cannot have until marriage. It is distracting and confuses judgement.

we are the norm…

I think you are taking me for male. I am female…

(We have desires also… :)… which kind of brings up an interestin point (if only to me :rolleyes: )…

doesn’t it seem that society is so much more forgiving of men’s “indescretions” than with women’s??? :hmmm:

Oh, good grief, people. Kissing between future spouses is as natural as anything in the world; it is one of the ways that people make that “bond” with each other. If I was having a relationship with a woman who wouldn’t even consider a little smooch on the lips do you think I could proceed to such a final commitment as marriage?

And in any event, when did kissing become such an evil action? Would you refuse to kiss your own child for fear that you may have an “unnatural desire” for them??? For goodness sake, some of the things I read on this site are beyond belief.

There is kissing and then there is kissingv and one can lead to the other. Good grief! Commiting a mortal sin is so easy! And there is NO other grief greater than that!!!

So, would you suggest that unmarried men and women should not even talk to one another face to face, since such friendliness could lead to amusement, laughter, attraction to one another, hand holding, kissing and then sex?!?!? Do you really think that people are so weak that a simple kiss can do nothing other than lead to the most depraved sexual intercourse??? You say:

and you know what, I agree. But I do not agree that all people who walk the earth are nothing but sexual beasts waiting for someone to share their lust with.

Some of you people seem to fall so easily into that stereotype of the super-duper religious who sees sin in everything. If you truly see such sin in a simple kiss between a future man and wife then you really have a distorted view of what life and the Catholic faith is.

This is certainly a real Rarity for today’s times!

I have so,I’m pretty impressed!

Plus, it must have been great for the couple! I mean, having your first Kiss together at a Wedding? It must have been worth waiting for!

I think we could learn a lot from this story!:thumbsup:

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