Chicago Police: Woman accidentally killed by officer fire [AP]


Chicago Police: Woman accidentally killed by officer fire

CHICAGO (AP) — A Chicago police officer responding to a domestic disturbance call accidentally shot and killed a 55-year-old woman, who was among two people fatally wounded by police gunfire, according to officials with the department that’s already facing intense scrutiny.

Relatives said Bettie Jones lived downstairs from Quintonio LeGrier, the 19-year-old who prompted the initial call to police and who also was killed about 4:25 a.m. Saturday in a West Side neighborhood.

Officers who responded to the call “were confronted by a combative subject resulting in the discharging of the officer’s weapon,” the Chicago Police Department said in a brief statement late Saturday.

“The 55-year-old female victim was accidentally struck and tragically killed,” reads the statement, which extends “deepest condolences to the victim’s family and friends.”

The Cook County medical examiner’s office and family members said Jones, a mother of five who had hosted family for Christmas, and LeGrier, a college student home for holiday break, were pronounced dead at hospitals. Both Jones and LeGrier were black, the medical examiner’s office said.

Prayers for those affected and the city; this story has been getting some national coverage.


Another example of how out of control the police are. The officers in question should be locked up.


They at least deserve a fair trial first.



At least British armed police, when they are called out, use their arms to cause minimal fatalities. There must be much less training involved in a shoot to kill policy. :shrug:
*In short – very rare. Police officers in England and Wales opened fire just five times for the year 2011/12. Out of these incidents, two people were killed, including Duggan.

The two fatalities in 2011/12 emerged from 12,550 operations during the same period, in which firearms officers were on the scene and had been given authorisation to open fire, even though they did not, according to the latest Home Office stats.*


There may not even be a trial, if one version of the story turns out to be true. The officers were being attacked by a man with a bat. It is very difficult to aim precisely under those circumstances. In that case, the blame for both deaths would lie with criminal attacking officers with a deadly weapon.

The mother of the 19 year old victim admits that her son had mental problems and that he had the bat. Police are not psychiatrists, except for the fictional Alex Cross. If your son has a mental illness issue, call his doctor, not the police.


We have many fine officers in America as well as a fair sprinkling of violent thugs who need to be locked up for very long periods.


If he only had a bat and was also mentally ill, have they no other means available to the police force, to subdue him. :shrug: The police would also be called out, in European countries, if a mentally ill person is out of control, or being violent - e.g. psychotic. He would be apprehended and taken to a hospital for assessment.


I’m sorry, this isn’t a thread about Europe.


How is there even enough information available at this point to form an opinion (other than it’s sad that two people lost their lives)?


This is a forum about ‘world’ news and this story is being reported worldwide. It is is in all the European/world media, which endorses the big differences in policing, on both sides of the pond.

Families of 2 say killings by police must stop

US police shootings of blacks continue with two deaths in Chicago
Chicago police officer accidentally shoots woman dead, as teen is also killed


This is becoming a regular occurrence. You can find a database of killings by police in the US here. The figures really say something. 81 people this year who were unarmed.


‘Cough’, must remember to not keep me tea near the keyboard when I start laughing.

Anyways. I tend to be careful with issues of gun use by American police because although I dislike the concept of armed cops the American police operate in a vastly different framework than the British or Irish police. I tend to agree with Seamus, most of your officers are very likely decent individuals and there are unfortunately as in many police departments a few er less salubrious individuals who get into the system.


Everyone’s contributions are certainly welcome but at the same time, it seems so many “gun” threads go into this same predictable direction. America is not Europe, America is in the Western hemisphere.

Some of these stories need to be earnestly discussed and not then, said, well Australia or Europe are better in this aspect. It almost seems to hinder the discussion some

Everyone knows who CNN is, this is ironic that another similar story just happened with one of their security guards as well:

Navy Veteran Bobby Daniels Was Trying to Help Mentally Ill Son When He Was Shot Dead by Police**

A CNN security guard and retired service man, has been shot dead by Georgia deputies according to The Washington Post. Bobby Daniels was trying to stop his emotionally-distressed son, who was waving a gun around, when he was shot by Douglas County sheriff’s deputies.

The Post’s database, which tracks police shootings, says Daniels is the 246th Black person killed by law enforcement this year. According to The Post, about a quarter of the people shot by police suffered from mental illness.

In the UK, the majority of incidences where the police taser someone are associated with mental illness.


Tasers are not right either, but a lot better than killing ill people. Mentally ill patients can be very difficult to restrain, especially if they are psychotic and special measures need to be implemented.

Unfortunately, another ‘black’ man shot and killed, which is the main slant of the reports about such killings, outwith the USA, i.e. the fact it happens to so many black people.

Like any society though, it will accept what it is used to and sees every day, as the norm, for their country.


Are you in law enforcement?


Is the the thread about an event or about the participants here? Lethal force is something that sadly is a reality of policing but i am glad it is a rare, rare thing in the UK and Ireland. That does not demean the police forces of the USA because they are acting against a radically different backdrop to our police forces and thus you can’t do a like for like comparison easily. The media also always tend to sensationalise stuff and we probably never heard about the hundreds of other incidents that resolved without the use of firearms.




I am asking because the poster seems to have very definite ideas on what tactics should and should not be used. Asking what those opinions are based on is quite fair.


The impotence of discussion on deaths and guns in the US, is not because of outside input. It is because there can be no real discussion about gun control as a solution to the problem. It is treated with disdain. The theory is that America is different from the rest of the world and not subject to the same laws of nature. There’s also an irrational contempt for police and any other employee of government. They are tolerated rather than respected because they are seen as working for the King of England in the guise of ‘government’. It’s all very weird.


Per US standards, one does not generally do anything to antagonize the police and that is across the board, these incidences have occurred with persons of all skin-color.

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