Chicago Priest Continues Full Ad Orientem Worship In Parish

A major key to authentic and enduring renewal is a simple gesture that is powerfully transforming.

Simply put, in our time, priest and people have fallen prey to the seduction and sickness of a radically secularized society. Our turning ad orientem, following the ancient manner of offering the Sacred Mysteries, is a humble gesture that powerfully places all things in sacred perspective — we go to the Father in Christ and Christ comes to us, that we not collapse as we strive to fulfill our mission of sacrificial love in deference to the Lord.


Agenda! I do not watch or listen to M****** V****.

He is a self-appointed savior of all orthodoxy.

No thanks.

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Thanks for reading lol.

And the hits just keep on coming! Lol

NOTE: this is NOT a Church Militant article. It’s the letter the pastor wrote in his bulletin. Church Militant simply posted the priest’s letter without any additions.

God Bless


I’m glad they post their vindictiveness. It promotes and bumps up the article for those who are interested lol. Church Militant is not perfect but it does good work in fighting the liberals.

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I guess I am weird because I do not feel strongly about which way the priest faces when he is offering Mass.

I’m fine with ad orientem. I’m fine with the other way too.

Perhaps when I was a child I may have preferred that he face me so I could see better what he was doing up there, but now that I have seen it thousands of times, it is not a big deal. I am not sure why so many priests seem to see this as such a powerful thing.

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It is the difference between what the Mass is about, in a symbolic way.

One way, you look at the people, saying things for them.
The other, you look at Christ in the Tabernacle.

Because the mass is not about the priest. It is about the sacrifice which is taking place before your eyes.

Great! Ad orientem really makes a difference imo. When the priest faces us, it feels like he’s focusing on us rather than God.

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ChurchMilitant and LifeSiteNews are two very good sites to stay away from.

LSN and CM are the opposite side of the coin which America magazine and National “catholic” Reporter are on. LSN and CM are the right wing extreme, America and NCRep are the left wing extreme. Stay away from all 4.

Rely on trustworthy Catholic sources like National Catholic Register, EWTN, Relevant Radio, or official Vatican outlets instead of left or right wing extremist sources.

I very rarely look at the Priest. 95% of the time my eyes are fixed heavenward, glued to my Misallette, or closed.

I think folks who make a big deal about this need to look inward instead of at the priest.

The Church does not fight “liberals”, and the Church is not “conservative.”

The Church is Catholic and Christian, not Republican or Democrat.

Please refrain from attempting to politicize Her Who transcends worldly affairs and politics.

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The thing is, Jesus is going to come and be present in the Body and Blood regardless of whether the priest is facing us or facing away from us. That’s the main event. So that is why these externals have very little impact on me. It may have a great symbolic meaning to the priest who is doing the actions, in view of his training or his feelings about saying Mass, but the end result is the same for me in the cheap seats.

I did a rosary day prayer with a bunch of Church Militant people. They were okay for praying the rosary with.

I think both of those sites get overexcited about an awful lot of stuff that is either questionably presented by them, or not of the great importance they are placing on it.

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I mostly agree with you. The Consecration is the same, regardless of where the priest is facing. But externals are important too. Suppose a church said “We have to stop focusing on externals”. People would say, Amen to that. But then they said there will be no more music at church. (No amens). Well music is “just” an external, too.

I agree that ad orientem is “just” an external, like music. But if music were suspended for decades, it would not be unreasonable to ask if this external might be restored, at least at some of the Masses. Likewise with the Ad Orientem.

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