Chicago proposes chokehold ban in wake of U.S. protests


Chicago council members have proposed a ban on police and other security personnel using chokeholds.

The proposal, which includes all security personnel such as deputy sheriffs, U.S. Marshals and private security guards, is the first among U.S. municipalities attempting to regulate arrest techniques after a grand jury last week declined to indict a New York City police officer in a chokehold death.

Council members in favor of the ban, which was introduced this week to the city’s finance committee, say they want Chicago in front of the issue of excessive police force that has resulted in street protests across the nation.


That’s funny because the choke hold is against General orders for Chicago police for the past 30 years. The move hasn’t been taught in 30 years. All smoke and mirrors to get the public to look away form the pension crisis in Chicago.


The case in N.Y. has been totally misrepresented. Mr. Garner was not put in a choke hold. If he had been put in a choke hold he would not have been able to say “I can’t breathe”. I believe the hold put on Mr. Garner was called a “LVRH”. I believe it stands for a Lateral Ventricular Restraining Hold which is taught in police academies to this day. Mr. Garner didn’t die at the scene he died in the hospital about an hour later from complications from breathing problems he already had.

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