Chicago residents


One of our church groups is planning a trip to Chicago.

About a year ago DH & I went to the comedy play “Late Night Catechism” and we very much enjoyed it. I suggested it to the leader of our group and she has not seen it although thinks it is a great idea.
Well looking through the show times, they have another one called “Put the Nuns In Charge” that would fit our time needs better.
Have you seen this play? Is it as good as “Late Night Catechism”?
I guess I am having the same concerns DH & I had when we attended LNC, that it might contain more satire then is appropriate. We didn’t feel that way after we saw LNC, although I don’t want to be surprised.


:frowning: OK I guess we don’t have many Chicago residents on here, that or they have not been to see the play. Which I will now encourage them to go see the Late Night Catechism one, it was really funny and it supports a convent in the area!


I live in Chicago, but I have never seen either play.

I also checked the archdioceesan newspaper, and the “Put the Nuns in Charge” (aka PTNIC) play was co-written by the same writer who wrote LNC, and it is part of the LNC advertisement, so if there were objectionable material, I don’t think the archdiocesen paper would accept advertising for it.


Thank you, that helps!! Thanks again!!!


Displaced Chicago resident checking in…LNC is hysterical…plenty of satire, but all in good fun, not biting or mean-spirited. I would highly recommend it.


I’m a transplanted Chicago girl born and raised, now in the God forsaken land of cheese and Bret Favre…pray for me.:frowning: Been away from Chicago for 3 or so years now…have pity on me.

I saw LNC and I have never laughed so hard. I haven’t seen Put the Nuns in Charge, but I have heard through friends who are lucky enough to still live in Chicago that it’s another winner. I can’t imagine it not being funny, even if it’s not quite as good as the original. Personally I’d take a leap of faith and get tickets.


DH and I also laughed and still to this day laugh from seeing LNC. I guess I am just being too cautious because I am new to the group I suggested it to.
I am excited to see LNC again or PTNIC!!


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