Chicago sees 139% jump in murders, uptick in shootings in July 2020: police

Chicago sees 139% jump in murders, uptick in shootings in July 2020: police

July saw the largest mass shooting in recent Chicago history, along with at least 58 minors shot.

By Carly Behm Aug 1, 2020,

Murders more than doubled last month in Chicago compared to the same month last year, according to new data released by Chicago police.

Shootings also increased compared July 2019.

Still, police reported that overall crime in the city has decreased so far this year.

I think the police need to tighten up their ship quite a bit; but there’s better ways than violent protests. These protests for the most part have hurt the common people. I do think there are a number of good people involved in peaceful protests so it is the overall picture I’m looking at.

Petitions and things like that is how to change the law. The city council and mayor should have been on top of this previously. Perhaps the governors, state houses and senates too.

All these threads on Chicago crime.

Don’t forget it’s happening under Trump’s watch.


Duplicate thread.

Looking at one month is like the blind men examining an elephant.

You’ll have to do better, he’s not the mayor of Chicago or governor there but if one keeps up with the news, the Chicago mayor has agreed to let federal agents come in.

It seems like he has wanted to send in troops to cities for a long time, so it’s not his fault. We do not vote on a dictator.

Linking to that thread might be more helpful than disparaging remarks or alert the moderator. I just looked, I did not see a duplicate of the 139% increase in crime.

Wait!!! What!!! Be prepared to obey criminals and hand over your personal belongings, not @$#*&%^ likely.

I thought Democrats had just rediscovered federalism. :thinking:

This was NOT a one month increase,

This was murders in Chicago up to July 2020 compared to July 2019.

I’ve already said on this forum, there are a number of higher crime communities, cities in the USA, it’s just because Chicago is so very huge. Still, worth noting,.

And in some of these cases, it’s because of an anti-police sentiment out there.

Those 3 officers in Chicago were shot. I think they are all in fair to good condition, this was reported on 7/30. This apparently was not posted here.

This affects us all. And the police may need to be revamped but it can all be done in a reasonable way.

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