Chicago's Cardinal George Refuses Communion to Rainbow Sash Leader During Outreach Mass to Gays

Cardinal George remained calm as gays outside protested loudly and as a gay leader inside the church insulted him, during the mass the Cardinal celebrated as an outreach to gays. As everyone else sat, the leader, Joe Murray, stood prominently in a front pew with his back to the cardinal, who refused him communion when Murray went to receive it. Murray runs the Rainbow Sash organization, whose members openly identify their adherence to the gay lifestyle with rainbow sashes as they seek communion in Catholic churches. A previous Chicago bishop had authorized the organization represented at this mass, the Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach.

But what the heck is all of this? What is an “Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach”?
Was this a special mass for gays? :confused:

I am not understanding anything here.

Honestly, when people want to receive communion at all costs, so be it. St. Paul was very clear about when not to receive communion.

And there is this communion prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, with faith in your love and mercy I eat your body and drink your blood. Let it not bring me condemnation but health in mind and body.”

People are free to choose to bring condemnation on themselves.

I cannot count the number of times I have abstained from communion, :o whereas some people who cannot admit their sins are kinda campaigning for a new right to receive communion. How sad. < Mass goers are intimidated. As they open the doors to go in to the mass, demonstrators shout loudly, knowing they will be heard inside.

Inside a gay activist who stood up several times and turned his back to the Cardinal was denied communion (and offered a blessing instead). He demonstrated to the mass goers that he’d been denied the Eucharist, and another person got into a communion line a second time … received in the hand and brought it to the protestor. :frowning:

The videos show just some of the outdoor demonstration. A large black banner with the word “Bigotry” prominent is stretched across the sidewalk at the base of the church’s front stairs.

“One of my brothers, a member of my community, who is a full and equal member of the body of Christ, was denied communion. So I got back in line and I brought him communion, as I would for anyone else,” Cronin told Windy City Times after the Mass.
This is a demonstration of one major reason why communion in the hand is an indult that should be revoked. It would be far more difficult to perform this type of sacrilege with communion on the tongue.

Having said that,

*]Good for Cardinal George for refusing communion to a radical homosexual activist who was broadcasting his status as an active and unrepentant homosexual.
*]But Cardinal George ought to consider revoking the charter of this group. The woman who bragged about treating the Body of Christ sacrilegiously was a leading member of this group. If her attitude reflects the general attitude…then they need some serious education…and if that education doesn’t work, they no longer need to meet under the manner of the Church.

This is sad. So-called Catholics making a farce of the Holy Sacrifice of Mass. Despite the good Cardinal’s charity in trying to extend a hand of friendship to their community, they slap it back and sling mud into his face. This is symptomatic of the current state of society.

What I find even more tragic is that the news outlets are training their spotlights on the poor Cardinal for his refusal of communion (the headline says it all) rather than the belligerent, bigoted and hateful acts of these activists. :frowning:

Yes, it was a special Mass for a gay outreach group. The group was established by Cardinal George’s beloved and very popular predecessor, the late Cardinal Bernadin. The church where the Mass was held is in an area of Chicago where many gay men live. The loons and the activists where out because Cardinal George was there. It was nice of him to come, but it seems like it was more trouble than it was worth.

It’s sad to see them abandon their faith in such a manner.

It’s hard balancing the outrage I feel at this and the anger I feel towards these people with the knowledge that I’m supposed to pray for them…

Good for the cardinal for denying them communion!

How very true. This just makes me even more sad for our Catholic faith.

Do not feel sad for the Faith. The Faith is still going strong, just as it has for the last 2000 years. Feel sad for the people who knowingly abandon the Truth.


Outrage sells. And tolerance is a one-way street.

From the rainbow sash web site:

“Trusting in the God who gifted us with our sexuality, we foresee our movement growing until the love we feel for our God and one another overwhelms the fear of those who oppose us.”

No one fears gays.

Apparently, this movement feels that some people oppose LGBT persons and that includes the Church. None of us is without sin, but this vague and legalistic language implies that until the Church accepts LGBT behavior as normative, it is opposing such people.


In a parish I attended probably 10 years or so ago, the priest gave a homily about the Rainbow Sash. He stated it was terrible that other parishes were refusing them communion, and thought it courageous that they chose to publicly proclaim who they were.

There was a bit of outrage at this. I remember a few people arguing with him after mass about it. One person made a great point. Mass is about Christ, not us. Wearing the sashes during mass and coming up for communion draws attention to oneself, detracting from the real purpose of the mass. The motivation by those wearing the sashes is to draw attention to the sash (and by extension themselves). How disrespectful is it to the people in mass, the priest, the Church, and to Christ Himself, to try and change the focus.

If the “gay” activists really believed in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist they would show some respect. There are plenty of Protestant denominations who will give them a cracker or Pepsi and Chips or whatever, but they insist on persecuting the Catholic Church. They are harassing our clergy and scandalizing whole families who go to Mass to worship and serve the Lord. The “gay” activists seem to have declared war on the Catholic Church. How can they disrupt the worship of the Lord, even scandalizing young children, and then feel proud of themselves? They want to turn Holy Mass into a crazy circus. May they repent before it’s too late.

In every social engineering project of the past 40 or so years, enemy number one was and is the Catholic Church.

1968 The Sex without Love Revolution. Pope Paul VI issues Humanae Vitae, which reaffirms constant Church teaching about artificial contraception, and the consequences of not following some good and common sense principles.

1973 Abortion is legalized, not by the people, but the Supreme Court. It’s not really a baby anyway, right?

And the American Psychiatric Association, under pressure from gay activists, removes homosexuality as a disorder by vote. In 2013, under the same pressure, transgenderism is also removed.

Porn bookstores open everywhere, making what should be private public. Injuring the hearts and minds of many, and creating the planned addiction cycle.

1980s Porn on cable. Oh yeah, just what we needed.

1990s Into the abyss. Shock jocks, filthy language on the radio, prostitutes called porn stars, and then, rap and the internet.

The goal has been to destroy the family and to turn natural human sexuality into a grossly distorted thing. It’s all good? Actually - No.


I see. Thanks.

Wow, thanks for sharing that YouTube video. It is clear that these guys don’t think straight.

I am not sure if it’s America or Canada but can pro-life supporters also perform like this in front of an abortion clinic without getting arrested and sent to jail?

PS: The noise from those cars horning is horrible.

THAT is something I find keenly frustrating, as well. I think the “vague and legalistic language” is deliberating deceptive. Clearly, people headstrong in sin want to steer others as far from the true teachings of the Church as possible.

Well and succinctly summarized. This saves me some time! :thumbsup: <to you.

:nope::crying::tsktsk::banghead: < for America (and the rest of the polluted world). :gopray2:

Good for Cardinal George for refusing. He seems like a Cardinal we can count on whose faith is rock solid.

The church is in the Lake View community of Chicago, a community where a lot of the city’s LGBT community reside in or near. I passed by this church every time I visited my sibling (gay) when he lived in Lake View, which was about a 10-15 minute walk away. The church has a Sunday night mass for Catholic homosexuals. It’s a beautiful church; rather dark inside, though.

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