Chicago's violent Labor Day weekend leaves at least 6 dead; more than 1,000 shot since Memorial Day

Democrat gun control at its best…disarming good guys, hobbling the police, and letting the bad guys run free.
In all, more than 1,000 people have been shot since Memorial Day, the Chicago Tribune reported, and while total shootings are down slightly from the same period in 2017, many Chicagoans have said the deadly gun violence remains a major problem that the city desperately needs to fix.

Among the latest victims: a 25-year-old doctoral student at Northwestern University. Shane Colombo of Sun City, California, was shot and killed Sunday night while waiting at a bus stop after he was caught in the crossfire of two other people, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

I sure would not want to live in Chicago!

Oh yes, let everyone have a gun and we’ll all be a lot safer. [/sarcasm]

I would not travel to Chicago or around it. Why the Mayor can’t ask for help to remove these murderous gangs and generic killers is beyond politics. The totals just keep on getting worse. The rest of our USA is enjoying the lowest unemployment, higher wages, lower taxes, and it is continuing to get better. The people stuck in Chicago cannot even be safe in their homes or outside - vulnerable to killers with knives, guns, lead pipes whatever they prefer. They know the police can’t hack it and Emmanuel can only tell them “I am not going to run for Mayor again”. What “power” is holding Chicago to this ruin?

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It’s terrible, and I know we all have different ideas about the roots of this violence. I won’t go into that now.

There’s a (small) glimmer of hope. From the story linked to in the OP:

The total number of people shot in Chicago from Memorial Day through August 27 was 1,026 – down 15 percent from the same time period last year, according to the Tribune.

Overall homicides during that same time period were down 27 percent.


Another glimmer:

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The mayor announced today he won’t be running for re-election. Who can blame him?

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YOY is far too short of a time frame to gleam anything of value. 2018 is still the third highest of past decade. They have a positive trend from a very bad spot.

True. But I remember when New York City was in the same boat, and we climbed out of it. Hopefully Chicago will do the same.

Not in the summer anyway. Hot and very humid the last few weeks.

There seems to be something unique to Chicago though, they are bucking the trend seen in our largest cities circa 2016

I Don’t like humidity.


No source is quoted for your stats and they do not seem to reflect what is happening.

My source was the story in the OP. The Fox story cites the Chicago Tribune as the source.

If you have knowledge that those numbers are wrong, let’s have it. Otherwise, I was happy to see a glimmer of hope that things are getting better.

Here is a link that some of you might be interested in pursuing. It will help you get a perspective on why there is so much gun crime in Chicago.

Please don’t be put off by the fact that this article is in the Huffington Post. The story is about a 6 month investigation done by journalists from the NPR radio show, “This American Life.” And don’t be put off by This American Life, either! Please give this a chance! Remember that Peeps and Mr. Peeps are extremely conservative people who voted for Donald Trump and belong to the NRA!

Because of my conservatism, I normall don’t think highly of “This American Life,” but my husband listens to it often, and he points out that they often present several sides of an issue, and often do it without sneering at the “conservative” side. He spends more time listening to NPR than the Big Three (Limbaugh, Hannity, and Levine). Since he works from home, he is able to have the radio on throughout the day.

This link has nothing to do with “liberal” vs. conservative. The staff of TAL spent several months at Harper High School in Chicago, researching “gangs.” Their conclusions were sobering.

I heartily recommend it to CAF pals–it’s fascinating, it’s terrifying, and it’s so very sad. Definitely worth looking up this podcast and listening to it on your next long drive.


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