=> Hitler just a loyal Catholic

Wow! I know some people hate Catholicism but this takes the cake. :eek:

The Holocaust and Hitler, 100% Catholic :shrug:

The Pope invented islam too you know.

Most of Chick’s information came from an ex-Jesuit Priest.

It’s been scientifically proven that Jack Chick tracts rot the brain.


Because they’re so funny.

That’s ilegide ex-Jesuit priest. Of course his credentials can not be verified. Oh but that’s because the mean old Catholic Church wants to discredit him right?
Conspiracy :hmmm:

Here’s an article by Dr. Edward Peters, one of the most widely-known lay canon lawyers in North America:

If I’m baptized as a Catholic, does that mean I’m Catholic forever?

Once someone is validly baptized, Catholic or otherwise, he is baptized forever (CIC 845). One can never lose baptism or become “unbaptized,” although one might lose the benefits of baptism by personal sin. But as to whether someone baptized Catholic is thereafter always Catholic, that’s a slightly different question.

In most cases, the answer will be that someone baptized Catholic remains Catholic (see CIC 111, 205). But, by implication of canon 205–which requires, to be considered in full communion with the Church, a basic profession of the faith, some level of sacramental participation, and some degree of submission to ecclesiastical governance–one can imagine circumstances under which someone who was baptized Catholic might reject any or all of these elements to the point at which he could not be considered fully Catholic anymore, nothwithstanding the fact that he remained baptized.

Alberto Magno Romero Rivera.


So Hitler started the inquisition in Europe to kill all Jews and non-Catholics? Then why did so many Catholics die during this time as well? And where has the Vatican said Hitler was a hero?

Not true. That guy was a phony too.

You mean the lunatic, Alberto Rivera? He was not a Jesuit. EVER. He was a fraud.

I’m saying it can not be verified that he was a REAL ex- jesuit priest.

And I say the same thing. Check him in wiki.


The other thread about a Jack Chick tract was really disconcerting. If they claim to be Christians, why resort to lies and name calling? :shrug:

I’d like to see a Catholic cartoon go head-to-head with one of his own.

I’m just amazed how in the comic, all these people automcatically believe what the main character says. It’s childish, foolish, and horrible writing.

I’m not an author, but there’s my opinion. Take it pretend I’m wrong even though you know I’m not :stuck_out_tongue:

He unfortunately thinks it is not a lie. Not everyone tries to find out the truth

If the wiki article about his entering seminary at age 7 is accurate, then it’s telling of the fraudulent claim to being an ex-Jesuit.

Jesuits don’t accept novices at that age.

Why do you even read chick tracts anymore? They are like acid on brain tissue.

But was Alberto Magno Romero Rivera really a Jesuit priest?

According to Wikpedia (for what it’s worth):

Cornerstone’s account[edit]

According to the Cornerstone exposé[1]: Rivera had a ‘history of legal entanglements’ including fraud, credit card theft, and writing bad checks. Warrants had been issued for his arrest in New Jersey and Florida, and he was wanted by the Spanish police for ‘swindles and cheats’; while in the USA in 1967, he claimed to be collecting money for a Spanish college, which never received this money. The details of his claims changed: In 1964 he said he had left the Catholic Church in July 1952, but he later put the date at March 20, 1967; despite this, he was still promoting Catholicism in a newspaper interview of August that same year. Although supposedly placed in the sanatorium in 1965 and held there for three months, he gave the date of his release as September 1967, leaving a period of over a year unaccounted.

The document exhibited by Rivera to prove his status as a Catholic priest was fraudulently obtained and the Catholic Church denies his claims of having been a Jesuit priest or a bishop. He had only one sister in London; she was not called Maria (her name was María Teresa), was not a nun, and did not live in a convent. In an employment form dated 1963 he claimed marriage to Carmen Lydia Torres, and the couple had two children in the USA when his own account had him a celibate priest in Spain.

Cornerstone also questioned Rivera’s claim to various degrees, including three doctorates (Th.D., D.D., and Ph.D.), reporting that his known chronology did not allow enough time for him to have completed these degrees and that he had admitted to receiving them from a Colorado diploma mill.

Regarding his sister Maria (the nun who wasn’t), he claimed that she was tortured in a convent.

When he died in 1997 of colon cancer, he supposedly said “They (the Jesuits) finally got me!”. His widow, true to form, was positive that he was done in with a poison that leaves no trace.

I don’t know. . . . . . . it sounds like he was perhaps a very mentally ill person who thrived on fantasy and grandeur. I mean, if the Jesuits supposedly have this vast system of spies and assassins, it’s kind of funny that they let him do his damage for 30 years before finally “taking him out”.

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