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I've posted a few times here and have always received great advice so I wanted to get some opinions on this situation.

I am a research librarian in a small, specialized library. Today, a patron initiated a discussion with me concerning where I go to church, am I saved and do I read the Bible. The patron asked me if I was going to heaven and if I was CERTAIN I was going to go to heaven. Personally, I don't know if that's my call to make. The patron then handed me some literature from Chick publications and asked me to read them.

The patron is a nice person and I really don't want to offend this person. But I know when we speak again, this individual will ask me about the tracts and what I thought about them. I came from a Protestant background and converted to Catholicism for a reason. I also know the publisher's of Chick Tracts are openly hostile to the Catholic faith. What should I tell this individual next time we speak?



What were the Chick tracts you were given?

I say the best defense is a good offense. Research the claims those tracts make and get the correct information. When he asks you about them, you can honestly say you read them, and then you can give him the correct information.


Tell her that although you appreciate her concern for your spiritual well-being, Jack Chick has many misconceptions about many of the topics of which he writes. His claims range from bizarre to absolutely extreme (ex. the Vatican has the name of every Protestant on Earth on a supercomputer in preparation for another Crusade).

Provide Scripture passages that refute the eternal security heresy. Saint Paul's letters are ideal for this.

If you really want to get her thinking, ask her when her (manmade) church was formed and why it broke away from the Church Jesus established. Many Protestants (myself included at the time) don't realize that their church isn't that old and broke away from the One True Church because it wouldn't obey her authority.


This site may be helpfull


I know, seriously, why would the church have the name of every Protestant. They have the name of everyone in the world on a supercomputer :rolleyes:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.



I honestly feel sorry for the man…I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes, spending my life attacking Jesus’ Church, His mother, the Sacraments… :frowning:


[quote="Poetess_Kera, post:6, topic:180490"]

I honestly feel sorry for the man...I wouldn't want to be in his shoes, spending my life attacking Jesus' Church, His mother, the Sacraments... :(


I totally agree! However, I wonder if Jesus will have mercy on such people if they do it out of total ignorance like most people who believe what Chick tracts teach do. I am inclined to believe that Jesus will be merciful to those who attack the Church in total ignorance. But still, I wouldn't want to be that person on judgment day. I mean, I'm sure that even though Jesus may be merciful to such a person that He would still have harsh words to such a person who attacked His Church, His Mother, and the Sacraments and such. If such a person was forgiven of their sin of attacking His Church and His mother and the Sacraments, they'd probably spend a lot of time in Purgatory for having done so. Keep in mind that this is all speculation on my part and I honestly don't know how God will deal with those who attack His Church, His mother, and the Sacraments.

That said, mention to this man how Chick Tracts are so wrong. Show him an example *of a few things on where Chick tracts get things wrong and offer evidence of how they got this wrong. In other words, *offer proof! Proof would not be hard to come by. Just show them an article, quote from an encyclical, quote from New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia, or a Catholic Answers tract as an example. It is up to this man whether or not he accepts the truth once you present it to him. If he rejects the truth, he will be held responsible when he comes before the Judge of all the earth.

It is your job to defend the Church to the best of your ability in as charitable a manner as possible. It his job to take a look at your claims and decide for himself whether he will accept or reject the truth. So don't feel bad if he rejects it.

May God truly bless you for your efforts. :thumbsup:


Does this person know that you are a practicing Catholic? If so, I’m pretty sure that they are aware of the anti-Catholic nature of the Chick Tracts. If they come back, just tell them you haven’t read the material yet and hand them the booklet, “Pillar of Fire, Pilar of Truth” from Catholic Answers and ask them to read that. Personally, any Chick Tracts that I come across go right into the shredder or recycling. When people ask if I am assured of my salvation I tell them that I am working out my salvation in fear and trembling as per instructions from St. Paul.


This is very good advice to tell them that you are working out your salvation with fear and trembling as St. Paul instructed us to do! :thumbsup:


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