Chick Tracks

So I was in the rest room at wall mart and there was a chick track left for my reading enjoyment :rolleyes: It even had the name of the “Baptist” church that was associated with it. So some Protestants still think this unabashed attack on another Christian faith tradition is acceptable? Not very charitable or Christ like in my opinion. So that no one else had to endure such undignified reading I made sure it was deposited in the appropriate receptacle with the rest of the trash.

They are Baptists, and so Christians, no matter what they do. Yes, Christians are friends of Jesus because they follow His commands (John 15:14). We should just pray for them (Matthew 5:44).

Also, I do not (though I see your language carefully avoiding saying “all Protestants”; I appreciate that :)) support the idea of Chick tracts aimed at other Christians. Under “Chick tract” on Wikipedia, it’s ridiculous what the author asserts:

Chick also asserts that the Catholic Church, in a grand conspiracy, created Islam, Communism, Nazism, and Freemasonry.

So, simply put, we must pray for the tract distributors and ensure that they are acting charitably towards their fellow Christians and towards others.

I have seen Roman Catholic materials hostile to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Sadly, Baptist churches are not “single headed” in the manner of the Catholic Church. So one cannot generalize from the actions of one congregation having that term in its name. While some may concur with JTC’s ideas, many do not.


I do not doubt that there are those materials out there, While “I” do not believe Jehovah’s Witnesses are Christian in their theology and beliefs, (my opinion) I would not degenerate them or their beliefs, they have a right to believe as they feel they need to do.

I guess I was fussing a bit because for the last 30+ years since I converted to the Catholic faith from the Southern Baptist persuasion, I do not ever remember a single Priest bashing the Protestant faiths, they have always refereed to them as our brothers and sisters in Christ.

So I guess I should just have a litter thicker skin :smiley:

Good job! Though I would have to disagree on the ‘another Christian faith’ comment. No matter how protestants view the Catholic Church we must continue to proclaim that there is only One True Church that has been given the full deposit of Faith and that is the Church that Jesus founded, Catholic Church.

Yes, some individuals of Protestant churches still rely on such tactics.
Yes, some individuals of Catholic churches still rely on such tactics.
Yes, some individuals of Orthodox churches still rely on such tactics.
Yes, some individuals of non-Christian churches still rely on such tactics.
Yes, some individuals of atheist organization still rely on such tactics.

It’s a trend of sinful human beings.

The Church that Jesus founded, the Catholic Church is perfect. Those in her…not so much. Our first Pope denied Christ three times. Then he wrote some great encyclicals. :slight_smile: Of course we do have tainted nature’s solitary boast…Mary the Mother of God!

“Hostile” of course is in the eye if the beholder. Pointing out differences in belief and justifying those differences based on Scripture and Tradition is one thing. The outright lies, half-truths, and (literally) cartoonish misrepresentations typical of Chick tracts is something else.

I often wonder how a true Christian could not practice the 8th Commandment. “Thou shalt NOT bear false witness against they neighbor.” Especially against the very Church that Jesus Christ established himself and promised that the "Gates of Hell would NOT prevail’. But some still carry on with their slander no matter how much we try to explain the TRUTH to them. And yes, it does matter what we do! God Bless, Memaw

Catholics don’t hand out out anything remotely close to Chick tracts.

What please is a chick track?

Jack Chick was an artist who decided to evangelize through tiny comic books instead of through the more traditional prose tracts (pamphlets). So his comics are known as “Chick tracts.”

When people say it out loud, it usually sounds like “Chick tracks.” (This is due to the phonological process known as “assimilation,” where people tend to turn similar sounds into the same sound because it’s easier to pronounce.)

Anyway, it would be all well and good, except that Chick and his collaborators were very into conspiracy theories and anti-Catholicism, as well as Jesus Christ. Among other things, his comics claim that Catholic Masses are a form of necromancy (“The Death Cookie” was one of the first tracts I ever saw), and that playing Dungeons and Dragons gives you the power to cast spells in real life. (Yeah, not exactly a disincentive, although the last page of that comic did feature people burning in Hell.)

Jimmy Akin has a fair amount of material about Jack Chick, whom I believe he met before Chick passed away. It would be charitable to pray for the man’s soul.

Chick Tracks are disgusting and full of lies and fear.
That’s all they are and should be confiscated wherever found

Some people from a local Baptist church came to my door yesterday.
They asked about my faith, and I explained that I was a Roman Catholic, and that, in fact, I work fro the Church, so no worries.
Then pressed me with “But do actually know Jesus Christ, and have you ever spoken to Him in your heart?”

We have a lot of misinformation about other faiths.
So do they. :frowning:

Chick is still living, as of today, according to his website. I won’t promote his site by naming it here.

A good piece on Chick from the Catholic Answers site:

A number of his tracts target Catholics and urge Catholics to leave the Church and adopt his brand of Christianity.

The first one I ever saw was Is There Another Christ?, which tried to show that the Pope is the Antichrist and that the Eucharist and the Mass aren’t biblical.

I admit reading Chick tracts for laughs, but I must agree that they have the potential to cause a lot of damage as they could influence Catholics who aren’t solid in their faith.

It should at least be obvious who believes in Jesus and who does not… we all know that Catholics believe in the same Jesus as other Christians. It is not the “Catholic Jesus” and the “Protestant Jesus,” it is “Jesus.”

But remember, some Evangelical groups are especially deep (and many Protestants getting deeper into, sadly) with the whole “everything that is not Evangelical Protestant is automatically an anti-God cult trying to take us to Hell!” scenario.

It’s ridiculous to maintain that even up till this era. It’s not the Middle Ages anymore. :shrug:

Yep, the Pope is the AntiChrist is always a “popular seller”

We had an ex-Catholic (elderly) man who came to our church periodically and he used to hand them out to whomever would take one. To me it was hate literature and I don’t think most people took a second one from him!

Not only still alive, but a new tract comes out about every two months. Presumably he’s got someone new doing the drawing.

During the years of my deconversion, my pals and I would read the things for kicks, but I never knew anybody who was converted by one or used them in earnest.

In fairness, though, they are as hard on the Freemasons as they are on us, something most Protestants seem to be OK with. And though they hold the Catholic Church to have created both, they are likewise hard on the Watchtower and (since 2001) Islam.


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