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In all honesty, I enjoy reading them. Partially because they are so incredibly awful and incoherent. I used to be offended by them, but I have gotten to the point where I think they are funny, yet, I wonder how many people believe them. So people who are Catholic or sympathetic to Catholicism, especially converts, were you ever taken in by Mr Jack T.Chick? Those that belong to other religious traditions, have they, even though you don’t have our beliefs, ever frustrated you because you know they have really bad arguments? Thanks!

Even back in my Protestant days, I never had much time for them. To be honest, I very rarely saw them. There was one bloke I shared a unit with at one stage who had a few, and I think he gave them some credibility, but he wasn’t very well educated.

I don’t think Jack Chick leaflets have much of a formative role to play in the beliefs of most Australian non-Catholic Christians. If they do have an anti-Catholic bias, they’ll usually get it from their denomination and / or fellow Christians in their own church.

In all honesty, I enjoy reading them. Partially because they are so incredibly awful and incoherent.

I suppose this is a bit like reading comic books - there’s the same sense that they can’t be taken seriously, but there’s a sort of guilty pleasure in reading them from time to time.

I’d be willing to bet Fundamentalism Protestants make up a majority where I live. Whilst Anti-Catholicism isn’t shouted from rooftops (usually), it is pretty much a daily aspect of life here. That said, I have been encountering Chick Tracts a little less frequently than before. I mean, if you don’t want to read it, I mean, you could use it as kindlin’ in a fire, amongst other things.

you should check out Psycho Dave’s Jack Chick Parody Archive.
Chick Publications actually tried to sue him.

“Know your meme” " jack chick tracts "

Thinking to myself. The people who spread these tracts. Do they believe them because of Jack T. Chick, or do they believe them because their pastor told them to? Or do they believe they’re doing the world a favour? I mean, I could be the world’s biggest Anti-Catholic, but I would still find the assertion that the Catholic Church funded Mohammed and founded Freemasonary, Communism, and the LDS church to be a little insane.

I was engaged to a Calvary Chapel, evangelical protestant.
They pretty much take the word of what ever their pastor tells them as God.
from what I had experienced. I’m pretty sure, most people whom pass these out, believe that chick is some sort of prophet.

And we get criticised for believing Papal infallibility?!

Your time could be so much more effective spent in holy reading and praying.
Put aside these tracts, and spend your time in a worthy endeavor.
the Church has a wealth of great offerings on virtually all topics of the faith.
Go there.

Who in the world said I don’t read anything the Church has said? I have been an apologist for almost six years, and my main area of interest is the Bible. I was just making a point. And I can’t very well be an apologist with on knowing what the other side thinks, can I? I think you came to a conclusion without knowing details. Please do not assume.

I never said you didn’t. I’m just saying that one not ought to fill ourselves with nonsense.
I think we see all the time on CAF what the other side thinks, as you say. :wink:

My friends and I like to look for “Fang” in the strips. That’s pretty much the only good part.

The plotlines are so bizarre that I sometimes wonder what he’s smoking…

I once read, in a book by Max Lucado (sorry I don’t remember the title), where he asked a bank teller how they could tell the difference between a real dollar bill and a forged one. The teller answered, saying that if you study and handle the true for long enough, then you can tell the false right away. Or something like that. Ok, so we know that the Jack Chick stuff is awful. Let’s not go there and study what our Lord is saying to us.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong here, since I read the Bible quite often (daily), pray the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (daily) and am an auxillary member (formerly active) of the Legion of Mary, trust me, it is m JOB to know what other people believe or I have NO WAY of defending what I do. If there are people who believe this rubbish, then there MUST be people that refute, I am sorry friend, but I must defend the Lord and his Church.

Lol …Haven’t you heard? The best way to evangelize is by living your faith. At least that’s what I read on these forums all too often. Usually followed by …well you know what St. Francis said (if he said it at all)…spread the Gospel and if necessary use words. :slight_smile: I live in the USA south where Catholics are in the minority so it’s good to know what your dealing with because you will be challenged and there are many opportunities to share the Catholic Faith.

Isn’t Max Lucado a protestant?

I believed he belongs to SDA.Marcus Grodi from EWTN mentioned on his monthly journal few years back ,that one of Jack Chick staff was interested in Catholicism and he/she didnt believe anymore on JChick propagandas.

Of course, they say now that Saint Francis never said that. :slight_smile:

Even during the years of my deconversion, I never found the things convincing, more entertaining, like comic books. They were too over the top and I never knew anybody who was convinced by them.

It’s a shame to my mind that in past decades, when the things showed some reasonable drawing talent, that that talent wasn’t put to a better use…


This is a nice response!!!

I believe the Vatican Library has quite a collection. They file them in the humor section.

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