Chicken I bought at Vons


I think I might have a mistake in buying this chicken, because it’s an eevil chicken! :chicken: It weighed 6.66 lbs!!! :japanese_ogre: Should I bake and eat it? Worried… :fearful: :wink::wink:


What? …


Don’t worry about it. It’s got a decimal point in it.


:wink: I wonder if anyone who saw the weight would have balked at buying it. I actually chortled when I saw the weight and thought “I have to buy this one!” :smile: That, and it was the largest one they had :yum:. I tend to sort through until I find the biggest chickens (the limit was 2 at 69 cents per pound; haven’t seen that price for a while).


Perhaps make a burnt offering of it? A sacrifice pleasing to the Lord.


Definitely! That makes it all better! :smile: :sunglasses: :wink:


I like your sense of humor!

I “get” the joke, and I hope that you enjoy your huge chicken. :grin:

I like buying the large chickens, too. You can certainly get several meals out of them, and also do other things with them too, if you want to, like make soup out of the leftovers.

God bless you! :heart:


Turtle Doves! $30/Dove! Get ya Doves right here!


Think of it as 6 lb 10½ ounces. The devil is in the details―in this case, in the hundredths of a pound.


I always make soup out of the leftovers. :yum: I keep the pan drippings as the fat for sautéing the vegetables before putting them in the pot. :star_struck: “Real” chicken soup, as opposed to that from a can has kept me healthy, and I strongly believe cured me of a nasty cold within a few days a few years ago. I started feeling sick on a Monday at lunchtime; made soup, and ate nothing but soup for 3 meals each day, and felt 90% better by Friday. I think the secret is also lots of garlic (and I don’t mean a mere 3 cloves being “lots”).


Pull off a leg before you cook it, that’ll sort out the problem.


but . . . but . . . chicken is supposed to be 59 cents a pound! :angry::scream:


Rub it down with blessed salt before roasting it.


Do that with all my chickens, actually. Ukrainians have food blessed on the Feast of the Resurrection every year, and I always have salt & pepper blessed. I pour some of the blessed salt into my large bin of salt so it all gets blessed for the year. :):grin:


Yeah…Don’t I wish. I remember when chickens went on sale for 39 cents a pound a couple of times a year in Texas back in the 1990s. San Diego is way too expensive, but the weather is much nicer (except for Aug-Sept). Plus, you can visit the mountains & the ocean in the same day. :smile:


Your only saving grace is that you bought the devilish chicken at Vons! Wilfred Von der Ahe, one of the founders of Vons Grocery Stores, was a great Catholic philanthropist, a Knight of Malta, as well as a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory. His prayers will surely exorcise and render your chicken harmlessly delicious!



He was Catholic? And a Knight of Malta & St. Gregory?! AWESOME! :star_struck: :smile: My chicken is safe! :wink:


It won’t weigh that much after you cook it (something I learned from counting calories) so you can eat more of it, especially if you exercise…uh oh, but then it may wind up weighing that much after all! :laughing:


Pssst! Your chicken’s a turkey… :turkey:


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