Chief Jackson: ‘Pursuing’ Investigation into Whether Brown’s Stepfather Incited Riot



Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson indicated that they are “pursuing” an investigation into whether comments made by Michael Brown’s stepfather the night Ferguson officer Darren Wilson was not indicted by a grand jury incited a riot.
Following the announcement of the grand jury’s decision Nov. 24, Louis Head was caught on camera yelling, “Burn this motherf***** down! Burn this ***** down!” Violent protests broke out following the decision, as dozens of buildings and businesses were looted and set fire.


They obviously incited the riot but he shouldn’t be charged. He was just overly emotional.


Its time to let it go and move on…its the curse (or blessing) of the internet era…everyone gets to have the last say…years ago, there would have been no discussion outside of where it happened…except maybe much later.


Agreed, just pouring gasoline on a fire. Let it go out. I think he probably did help incite riots though and frankly, I am not sure how different in character his stepson was - if this man was one of the main influences and role models in his life. Not to speak ill of the dead. We should just move on here, including myself.


The internet has nothing to do with it. He was there in Ferguson at the gathering of protesters calling for destruction, where a riot happened and peoples businesses and property were destroyed. The police in Ferguson have every right and a duty hold the people responsible for the damage done. Would you really tell these business owners to just move on?


Not knowing the guy I saw on tv, jumping up and down in a rage on top of a car, was the “stepfather”, I thought “holy cow” that guy is a case! Then I find out days later that he was the “stepfather”. I felt confused. The media was referring to a mother and father. Then I have to understand who this was and how was he a “stepfather”. Okay, I guess I got it.
Then the “stepfather” has been revealed to be a multiple offender of drug dealing convictions and whatever other bad things. Did Obama meet and make plans to riot with him also?’
I would like to know more of the details surrounding Obama’s visit to Ferguson behind the scenes to meet with those who were involved in the riot/protest. Where did they meet, who was in attendance, how long did the meeting last, and just what was the upshot of this meeting? Why are “we the people” not informed of the truth in this matter? Once again the most “transparent administration in history” is missing the three letter prefix of “non”.

This charade has gone on far too long and reached a level of absurdity AND a mega-waste of taxpayer dollars once again.

I agree with the previous commentator that said the lawbreakers should wear the cameras if they feel that will exonerate them of their criminal act!


I think a riot was bound to happen anyway, but he definitely added fuel to the fire and sort of gave his okay as michael brown’s stepfather to go ahead and riot and burn and destroy.


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