Chihuahua Dons Pope Costume|classic|dl8|link5|http%3A%2F

What a sad state it is when no one minds things like this… that is all I can say.

I know! What a shame…it should have been a *German Shepherd *wearing that costume! :wink:

I had a picture of a german shepherd that I edited in MS paint to look like he was wearing the papal vestments. The caption read “take a bite out of heresy”, which I can say the pope has been doing rather well.

I really don’t have problem with it I don’t think this is disrespecting the Holy Father at all.

If anything it will get people to think about his Holiness and Catholics.

I think the Pope prefers cats. :o

You know, I have a feeling that if Benedict saw this he would laugh and enjoy it.
I don’t think it is all that offensive.

LOL :slight_smile:

did you ever try to put a costume on a Rottweiler?

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