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You have to get past the liberal media slant but I salute this company for standing up for traditional family values.

Good for him. Nice to see.

What I find really funny about Chick-fil-a is that they have a 2 for 1 meal day for Disney Cast members every payday. Disney is one of the more gay friendly employers in the country. So Chick-fil-a is helping gay people save money while funding anti gay marriage programs. :shrug:

Never saw one here in Chicago. How are they standing up for something? Sounds like they are teetering very closely to a dangerous place of discrimination from an employment standpoint.
They are not a church, though I’m sure they would love the tax free status of one.
Maybe they stay away from Chicago because they know they will be unable to continue their business in that way without incident here.

Oh no. The horror.
Some but not all Disney Cast members are not heterosexual. All Cast members get a 2 for 1 deal.
Your conclusion is that Chick fil a is helping gay people save money is strange. Are ALL of the Disney Cast members gay? Are some heterosexuals getting a break?

Actually, there is one in Chicago. Always seems quite busy.

There are a few:

I believe the title of the thread is supposed to be the same as the article, which clarifies that it is the CFA President himself that is standing up for traditional marriage. That being said, the company’s charitable organization has also given donations to organizations that promote traditional marriage, but isn’t the main point emphasized by the article.

Of course, that is also somewhat selective quoting. The original source that the article is taking from is actually a long interview given by Mr. Cathy and can be viewed here:

It’s actually a very interesting article and a good read. He does clarify that CFA does and will continue to “stand up” for traditional marriage, even if it’s not a popular position with all. Kudos to him for sticking to his principles, even when it does mean losing business (and he has).

Cool. I’ll be eating there more often, methinks. Go outta my way.

Giving a group of both heterosexual and homosexual people a discount is perfectly moral. In fact, withholding a discount from a person because they are gay would be immoral. We are called to treat homosexuals with love and respect, even though we stand against gay marriage and homosexual sex (sex outside of true marriage). Seems to me this is what chick-fil-a is doing.

Do you suggest they ask the Disney Cast members their sexual preference before they order and distribute discounts accordingly? Should chick-fil-a refuse you and I discounts due to whatever sins we may struggle with?

Jesus ate with many sinners. This does not mean He approved of their sin, but it does mean He loved them none the less.

I would be careful confusing loving and respecting someone despite their sins, for approving of the sin itself, IMHO.

God bless :slight_smile:

They have one restaurant located in Chicago Its about halfway between Holy Name Cathedral and the Museum of Contemporary Art

There are a few more out in the burbs

I will also go out of my way to support Chick-Fil-A whenever possible.
Always knew there was something good about a business who closed on Sundays.
I think Hobby Lobby does the same. Hopefully for the same reason.

Awesome, rare to see a large chain stand up for marriage

at several 40 days for life kick-off rallies in the washington d.c. metro area,they have donated a nice spread. i believe it is a company wide policy,not just pro-life but pro-family events also.

I love that they are closed on Sundays. Shows me that faith trumps cash.:thumbsup:


I don’t think you really meant to imply that many or even most Disney cast members are homosexual, did you? Even though the Disney corportate office is supportive of the homosexual lifestyle, I’m sure Disney also employs those who support traditional family values.

We don’t eat much fast food, but maybe I’ll check Chick-fil-A out sometime if I can find one in the area.

I’m seriously hoping that you’re not serious.

They’ve got some good breakfast items, if you can find one on your way to work, or somesuch. Chicken biscuits, mmm.

I work at Disney-let me tell you-there is a much larger percentage of gay people at Disney than anywhere else in the area. The company is very supportive of them and it’s also the entertainment industry so do your own math.

There’s over 60,000 people working there, so yes, there are also a lot of straight people. I just think it’s funny how both sides are assisting each other. The gay people are giving money to an organization that clearly is against one of their main issues and the organization is helping people they clearly aren’t very fond of.

then there’s me-the gay person that returned to the Church who doesn’t fit in either camp. :shrug:

I tried the meal deal once, found the chicken un-crispy and the fries soggy. Not for me.

Well, thankfully, the owners of your workplace subscribe to Christian ideals and do not discriminate against or devalue the hard work of the Disney employees, instead choosing to value all of the entertainment that they help to provide the public despite their sexuality, all while maintaining a brave and truthful stance on some of the sinful actions that those employees may or may not choose to indulge in.

We hate the sins, we love the sinners.

I work at Disney, not at Chick fil A. I saw that was unclear and fixed my post.

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