Child abuse: 7% of Australian Catholic priests alleged to be involved

Very discouraging, to say the least. :frowning:

This is very sad.

From the article:

Several senior Australian Catholics will be testifying over the next few weeks. The commission’s final report is due by the end of this year.

Pedophile men should not be allowed to become Catholic priests. Any man sexually abused as a child should not be allowed to become a Catholic priest. This is a severe trauma, that is very difficult to deal with.

Which is sadly only half of the equation. Then there’s the issue of hierarchy and religious superiors who cover-up; how does one weed-out those without a massive cultural and institutional change, one which puts truth and morality above institutional protection?

If it was possible to change the Pope, it’s possible change anyone.

Thats almost like a scarlet letter though, a child should not have it held against them in adulthood if they were abused.

Allowing priests to marry is probably the easiest way to remedy this.

I think its important to keep in mind, this is not just a church/priest problem, I hear on the news almost weekly of teachers and other adults in jobs that deal with kids, being accused of inappropriate sexual relationships with students, its not even shocking anymore, it happens so often today, but there is no way to weed out people who may do this, They do background checks, but in all honesty, this sort of thing happens more now than the times when background checks were not done, so that does not appear to be effective at all.

I think this is just another negative resulting from a society that moves further and further away from Gods laws, things are only going to get worse if we continue on the same path…and there is NO way to ‘regulate’ this away, its just not possible.

The priests and religious who committed such acts are sick. Maybe even possessed in some cases. The bishops and superiors who covered it up are simply pure EVIL. No excuse. They are guilty of the most heinous crime. I have more sympathy for the abusers because of how clearly mentally ill and sick they are. The superiors of sound mind who covered it up are a true monsters. Men who truly and willingly gave their hearts to Satan. Judases who betrayed their Lord. It makes me want to vomit.

Are you implying that victims of childhood sexual abuse grow up to be child predators? If so, that is a very offensive and downright wrong implication. There is no way to suss out a predator. They come from all walks of life, and hide behind a very convincing mask of normality.

Yes they are all trying to relive their childhood trauma and come out of it as winners, not losers. That is, they are trying to cure themselves.

I find it very hard to believe that any religious organization could have 40%, or even 20% of its members engaging in child sex abuse and able to keep it quiet for decades. I’m not denying that sexual abuse occurs, but 40% of an organization’s members is hard to believe.

This is provably false, given that there is a higher prevalence of predatory behavior among married professionals than there is among priests. That’s a per-capita assessment, not just pure numbers. People with predatory inclinations are drawn to positions of power, the priesthood is just one such position. The church definitely needs to do everything it can to evaluate people looking to enter the priesthood, but thee’s simply no way to make sure you get everyone.

Am I the only person that sees the word “alleged”? I am not an expert in the Australian legal system, but I know that alleged doesn’t mean “guilty”.

Please pray.

The figures from the Royal Commission are accurate.

This is going to be a tough 3 weeks for everyone involved with the church, affected by the abuse.

The media is calling for the church to become a criminal organisation atm.

I will start a thread later today with Royal Commission reports.

Archbishops apart from the Tasmanian Archbishop are all giving evidence.

Cardinal Pell has had a deposition against him returned to Australia also

This is the last sitting of the Royal Commission for the Church. Every parishoner has had a letter from their Bishop about it.
Its not going away, it is to be taken very gravely.

There were both men and women involved in the abuse.

What authority do you have to make such a statement? You don’t know whether or not these child predator’s were ever victims of sexual abuse. Rape is not about ‘reliving childhood trauma’ or ‘trying to cure oneself’ it’s about control. There are plenty of pedophiles and rapist’s who come from perfectly normal families and were never once abused as children.

Please tell me this is meant to be a joke or satire.

This is shameful.

It is not as clear cut as that. When they studied to be priest they were good to begin with and we do not know if they were pedophile unless they had police record to say so.

I only think that the hierarchy is not decisive enough in dealing with pedophile priests. They should be suspended or given isolated job where there is no interaction with children.

Your second sentence is simply untrue. You can also say such person will do more to avoid it not to happen as it did to him especially as priest he would be the wiser.

This Royal Commission implicates clergy, brothers, sisters and laity.

Its not just priests within the Church. The shite is going to hit the fan with the extent of it in Australia this next 3 weeks. The ramifications , no doubt, will be global.

Pray. Pray hard.

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