Child benefit may be limited to two children, says Iain Duncan Smith


Senior Conservative UK cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith has said limiting child benefit to the first two children in a family is worth considering as a cost-saving measure and as a way to change behavior…

The work and pensions secretary hinted the move was being examined by his party despite previously being vetoed by Downing Street over fears it could alienate parents.

Asked about the idea on the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme, Duncan Smith said it could also “help behavioural change” in what appeared to be a suggestion that it could discourage people struggling with their finances from having more children.

“I think it’s well worth looking at,” he said. “It’s something if we decide to do it we’ll announce out. But it does save significant money and also it helps behavioural change.”


Because Europeans have a problem with people having too many kids? I suppose some people just want a demographic winter followed by Islamic colonization. Well, can’t say they don’t deserve it.


[quote=PietroPaolo]Because Europeans have a problem with people having too many kids?

It’s not the number of children that some people have that is being questioned. The issue is the welfare payments that they receive for those children, and the need for people to make responsible decisions about whether they can afford to provide a decent standard of living for more children.

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