Child born blind healed by adult stem cells

More good news from the world of science’s discovery of the value of adult stem cells. No embryos were killed by this cure. Thank you God!:thumbsup:

…and isn’t it equally true that no embroynic stem cell has ever cured anything, ever? Adult stem cells is the way to go, and cord blood is good too, right?

Absolutely. Cord and adult stem cells are the only cells that have created any cures. That’s my prayer, that all embryonic stem cell research is abandoned for their failure to work.

Research has shown that embryonic stem cells cause erratic cell division causing tumors, not cures.

Are there any articles from more well-known sources?

The article they referenced above includes:
*Researcher Steven Goldman and colleagues at the University of Rochester Medical Center. (The scientists explained their findings in an article in the latest issue of Nature Medicine.)
*Another team led by Ole Isacson, (a Harvard Medical School professor of neuroscience and neurology), published similar results earlier this month in the online journal Stem Cells and found that the embryonic stem cells also produced tumors.
*University of Melbourne Emeritus Professor of Medicine Thomas Martin (an internationally recognized Fellow of the Royal Society.)

Here is the family’s website:

I dunno… this is an experimental procedure which has some controversy.

I guess I want to hope for the best, but to hold off for a year to see how Tre is seeing at that time.

I meant news sources. It’s funny how the news media hasn’t picked this up.

The media doesn’t report the results of cures from adult stem cells or cord cells because their agenda pushes only embryonic cell research. Sadly that’s true. Not just my opinion. Here’s the perfect example of it.

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