Child Lures Prevention, anyone had this in their school?


Our school sent home permission slips today for the kids to be involved in this program. I went through the parent guide and website and am still not sure.

In a nutshell, it is a program to teach kids about the lures that adults use. ie: pets, bribes, fake emergencies etc.

So has anyone had it in their schools, and if so what did you think?


haven’t had this specific program in our school, but they teach these things in other ways. I think, whatever helps—at least the kids become more aware of the dangers. Kids need to be taught critical thinking skills for all areas of life.


I don’t know anything about this program specifically, but speaking about these programs in general: I’d be concerned that a child might (1) get age-inappropriate details on what a molester plans to do to them, or (2) get the idea that abductors and molesters are lurking behind every bush or tree.

Is it possible for you to attend the assembly, maybe sit or stand in the back of the room? That way you can discuss the content with your child afterward. The latter impression (2) you could correct after the assembly, but too much information (1) may not be eraseable.

What if you declined to have your child attend the assembly, but you just went through the materials privately with your child at home. That way you can teach your child the necessary information without being too scary.


We have had the program S.E.E.D.S at church on Sundays in place of CCD. Every October they do this the entire month. It’s valuable information that all children should be aware of. For that I am greatful… I just don’t know about the replacement of the CCD on Sundays. :shrug: Oh well.
It is the same program that you listed in your post.


It’s not the same as SEEDS. And yes, I am concerned about certain topics. I sent the permission slip back with a conditional yes. There were certain topics (like the lure of drugs and pornography) that I wanted my daughter to sit out of. Her teacher is really great and very down-to-earth so I don’t think she go onto too much detail.

I also hope she doesn’t come home scared of adults. Pray this goes well.


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