Child maid trafficking spreads from Africa to US

IRVINE, Calif. – Late at night, the neighbors saw a little girl at the kitchen sink of the house next door. They watched through their window as the child rinsed plates under the open faucet. She wasn’t much taller than the counter and the soapy water swallowed her slender arms.
To put the dishes away, she climbed on a chair.
But she was not the daughter of the couple next door doing chores. She was their maid.

Yesterday I read this after you posted it. I did not know what to say at the time. The story haunted me all day. It seems that Madame Amal didn’t learn a thing. How many heartless scary Madame Amals are out there? Too many I’m sure.

all true, but even more sad i think is that the parents “sell” their children thinking they will have a better life! true, i can’t imagine the awful life this poor girl lived in to begin with, but to sell your child into slavery. i cannot comprehend.

The whole scene is wrong. How could this happen in the USA today? Think about how many people have witnessed domestic slavery and never questioned it. How many people saw Shyima and never wondered enough to question the circumstances? When I was a very young girl in the 60s I saw a domestic slave situation but was too young to know enough to question it. I think - generally people don’t think beyond a certain point. We need to think outside the box when we look at each other.

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