Child refusing 1st Eucharist

I’m just curious about the answer to this question, I do not know this child or their family in any way. I was watching a daily mass online wherein three (?) catechumens were to receive 1st Holy Eucharist and one small girl refused to extend her hands to receive, preferring to cross her arms over her chest to receive a blessing instead. Her guardian tried to get her to put out her arms but she resisted him.

I’m just wondering what that does for her to receive in the future. Would she be able to receive at an ordinary mass whenever she feels ready or will she have to wait for the next opportunity with a group of first communicants?

I’m sure this little child and her guardians will speak with their priest for direction. I’m just curious what the options might be in a case like this. Poor little girl needs some prayers to remove whatever is keeping her from receiving :heart: so please pray for her and her family. :heart:

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Her priest will look into the situation and determine, along with the parents, what the issue is and what next steps should be taken.


Catechumens are unbaptized people. So, I’m not exactly sure what you are referring to here.

At any rate, first communion is jusr the first time you receive communion. Doesn’t have to be at a special mass, or with a specific group. If the child didn’t feel ready then everyone just waits until they are.

Just to drive that home, since most of us are so accustomed to this being a special Mass, due to COVID this year, our youngest’s first communion had to be postponed. We were later given the option to simply pick any Mass any day of the week to make it official for parish records.


I misused the word catechumen. Thanks.

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