Child taken from womb by social services


From The Telegraph in England:


This is very strange. It does make me wonder if she posed a threat to her child during her breakdown. If she was posing a threat to the life of her child and continuous sedation until natural labor started would not be safe for the child, THEN this might be an option for the safety of the baby. It does sound like they felt the child's life was threatened by the mental status of the child's mother.

Of course, this also sets a lot of weird legal precedents.What will be considered "threatening" and will warrant a court-ordered C-section? Will it remain as serious as a massive mental breakdown like in this woman's case, or might we see this extended to women who don't remember to take their pre-natal vitamins or might not be getting their full 8 hours of sleep each night. This has the potential to be abused.


I can see no good in this situation. Praying for the lady and her family. It seems that Europe has way overstepped it's bounds when it comes to parents in so many ways.


this is sickening couldnt they have just gave her meds and observed her and let her give birth naturally and then order home visits or make her live in a half way house for while instead of stealing her child from her womb and adopting it to someone else sickening the british govt should be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity


Wow. That poor mother. I cannot imagine leaving my child behind in another country and not be given the option of adoption to family/ friends. The truth is though that her medical records were probably sealed to protect her. How many times in the US have we (social services) given the child back to a parent we know is unfit only to have the child abused and often time killed?

Who knows the extenuating circumstances...but it sounds like they all need prayer.


I agree. We have no access to the details of her medical condition at the time so it is not possible to gauge if that type of delivery was necessary to safeguard either/both their lives. OTOH, one would expect the child to be treated like an Italian citizen (and placed in care there) even if she was technically born abroad.


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