Child Witches: Accused in the Name of Jesus

I saw this story last night and it breaks my heart. :frowning: May God bless that man who adopted some of the children, though.:thumbsup:

*Child Witches: Accused in the Name of Jesus
Christian Pastors in Congo Paid to Perform Violent Exorcisms; Children Banished From Homes, Abandoned by Families
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KINSHASA, CONGO, May 21, 2009—

In a dirt-floored, back-alley church, 8-year-old Bobby and his 6-year-old brother Henock were made to kneel before a pastor wearing a white, flowing robe adorned with pictures of Jesus.

Looming over the boys, Pastor Moise Tshombe went into a trance, during which he claimed the Holy Spirit took over and the voice of God spoke through him. “I see that witchcraft is in these two,” Tshombe said. “The threats inside of them are very strong.”

These young brothers were the latest victims in an epidemic of accusations of child witchcraft here in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is raging in the name of Jesus. It continues seemingly unabated despite flags raised by organizations such as the United Nations, Save the Children and Human Rights Watch. *

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First of all, these would appear to be poorly trained Protestant “pastors,” and secondly, the Catholic Church has always taught that those who convert to Catholicism need to abandon their ties to their previous religions.

Pray for the ministers and children in Congo :slight_smile:

From the little I saw on morning tv, they didn’t mention the fact that witchcraft (practiced by adults) has been & still is a real issue in Africa & crimes/murders are connected to it.
The whole exorcism of kids- issue looks like a cruel sham to extort money from parents, however the subject of witchcraft is taken seriously in Africa for good reason.

I feel that the reporter didn’t not fully explain the cultural context of this story. The belief and practice of witchcraft is still endemic in African society. However, I really hope that this story generates a lot of attention and outrage.

Here’s one way to help: pray for this man’s efforts: Arnold Mushiete, a social worker for “Our House,” a small, Catholic organization funded entirely by donations, which helps children accused of witchcraft, was our guide into this frightening world. He said a new breed of Christian pastors are manipulating the faith.

“Our work is to repair what they have destroyed,” he said, “and to give another image of Jesus, not one who tortures children.”

(From the article in the OP)

What a sickening way to abuse religion! :mad: I am sure that Jesus is thoroughly disgusted and possibly even outraged that people would do this in His most holy name! May the Lord Jesus have mercy on us all! :crossrc:

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