Childish questions, sorry!

If there was only one being in existence, would there be gravity?

Would there be mass?

What would that “being” be like if it contained all of the “elements” and laws that describe the physical world?

Thanks for your consideration!!!

What do you mean by a being?

Without that, the other questions do not make sense.

There can be spiritual beings (ie, angels) that have no physicality at all, therefore no mass, gravity or other physical properties.

Conversely, a physical object such as a rock has those properties but is not usually thought of as a “being”.

We, as human beings, possess both spiritual and physical propensities intrinsically. But they do not necessarily go together, except in human life.

As to your last question, our own bodies contain nearly all of the chemical elements and demonstrate all of the physical laws; nothing mysterious about that.


God is a necessary being. Therefore, if there was only one being in existence, that being would be God. Since God is not a physical being, there would be neither gravity nor mass.

The being to which I was referring: the one being in the Big Bang ideas.

If there was only one being in the Big Bang idea, would there be gravity?

I believe in God!

But when some scientists talk about the Big Bang, they limit their work to only science.

So, I am trying to understand their position.

The Big Bang is an issue of science. Can’t blame them.



I don’t blame them!

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