Children and the Crucifix

I am looking for the best resource you have ever found / explanation / story to help our young children understand why we have Crucifixes in our Church and in our homes. I make Crucifixes. I would like to give a Free Crucifix to the one who finds the best resource for my site. This will remain private. In Christ Jesus

The Crucifix is a message of God’s immense love for us. Jesus spread His arms to embrace us, and to forgive all people of all times and places for the wrong that we do: sin.
But the crucifix is not the end of the story. It is only the beginning. It’s the culmination of His life among us, the roadmap to living and loving, the demonstration of sacrificing until it hurts, and the promise of salvation. He paid the price for us. It was a sad thing, a cruel thing, and so it is when we sin. God is saddened. But we can always looks to Jesus on the cross for inspiration. If He, Son of God can do that for you and I? How much easier is it for us to forgive our neighbors, to share our faith, to worship the God who created us.
God is love, and Christ crucified is proof of that great love for unbelievers. The cross is our strength. The cross is our doing, but it’s also our great hope. There is no Easter without Good Friday. Everyone goes through this, and experiences his or her own cross. How we deal those personal burdens are an imitation of Christ, if we do it right.
God bless.

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