Children as young as 13 to be asked whether they are 'gender fluid', 'demi-girl' or 'intersex':


Words fail me…13yr olds, or any age-group for that matter!

No doubt they’ll get a majority of Genderqueer or trigender responses, as this will not be taken seriously by young lads or girls for that matter!

A pinnacle of insanity.

*Children as young as 13 have been invited to describe their gender as any one of 25 different options in a Government-backed survey.


Somone will definitely put down Jedi to take the mickey at some point as well, be assured of that.


This nonsense is partly Daily Mail mischief-making. This survey was a draft prepared by the University and when circulated everyone said it was nuts including the Minister so it has been withdrawn. The new questions :

Are you Male or Female

But what a waste of money!


But this is what TV and other media are doing to our children! It’s such a confusing time for them, anyway! Let us pray every day for our young and impressionable… It’s really NOT FAIR!


Oh of course the Daily Mail do like to inject their element of ‘shock and horror’ into these things. I wouldn’t love to be the teacher handing out that survey in the real world, I went to a school in East London for part of my youth and it was fairly strict but still every time the word sex was mentioned by a teacher (including clergy, perhaps especially them actually) the sniggering started. I doubt much has changed.

We had some er colourful names for homosexuals in the playground as I recall and calling another boy any of them was asking for an invite for a punch up or a meeting on the common at the back of the school after lessons ended. Quite childish but we were kids, when we got to age 17 or 18 a couple of kids I recall that I was friendly with came out as gay. One of them was a kid I got on with very well although I would have disagreed with on numerous matters. He was a massive bloke though so never got any silliness about it, at least to his face.


Typical Daily Fail, mind you to prepare a draft like that in the first place. :rolleyes:


Okay so my personality is somewhat androgynous because I was raised by my mother so I have more feminine traits than masculine traits but I’m still somewhere in the middle my gender is definitely male. I want to get married and have a wife and kids I do not want anything else I am NOT genderfluid I am the gender God gave me. And gender fluid sounds kind of like something else anyway that is a little disgusting. This is getting crazy I was on the GoFundMe website last night and there were people that were making more money to help people have so called gender reassignment then there were people that needed legitimate help in some cases. I don’t understand that you let a child die because you aren’t happy with the genitalia you were born with?


Parents have allowed children as young as six make these decisions (as if this is a decision!). For example:

If a child can make descions regarding gender, then a fortiori, they can consent to sexual activity. There is now no reason for libertines to be against pedophilia, excuse me, “child love,” and many reasons for them to be for such. Long live the revolution! :eek:

Christi pax,



They left out “trisexual,” which the porn star Robin Byrd identified as, meaning that she would try anything sexual.

This survey must be for laughs. Please tell me so!


Whether or not it IS for laughs, it is a good reflection of (some) of the new gender identities the LGBT groups push that I have seen (they forgot Pangender, as well as a few others). I think Facebook also added all of these identities for the members of at least one country with plans to expand to more countries soon. Most of these aren’t really common, but I have seen people online list a few in their profiles. So yes, they exist and are used.

I agree with the above posters pointing out the hypocrisy of allowing children who are not yet mature to choose a “gender identity” when they haven’t even experienced puberty yet. At the very least, by their own logic in regards to child consent, gender changing surgery and treatments should be banned until children have had the chance to actually *understand *what it is they are giving away. It’s highly irresponsible and clearly abusive to do otherwise, yet I doubt anyone will stop it. :frowning:


Our society is in the midst of another “trending” thing. The prevailing mentality on presenting a smorgasbord of gender options to the general public, including youngsters, seems to be “It wasn’t broke but let’s fix it anyway, just in case.” :rolleyes: Even if it means breaking most of what has always worked.

Whilst not denying that some people suffer gender identity issues and that it’s very difficult for them, there is going to be a LOT of fallout from things like this. People read this stuff in so many places, and it sticks in their minds. Then their minds start questioning, then some of them latch on to one of these different gender identities on the basis of some tiny personality quirk that would probably not even be noticed if they weren’t being encouraged to look for it.

This happened back in the latter part of the previous century when the well-intentioned movement to help victims of sexual abuse got out of hand. People started looking for evidence that didn’t exist, used dubious therapeutic methods to “uncover” it, and kept reinforcing it in their own minds and going public with it. Some came to realize they had gone overboard, but not until in many cases their own lives and their relationships with their families had been ruined. And the people who had really been abused probably lost credibility, at least for awhile, because it became difficult to sort the truth from the imaginary or even outright lies.

Another, though less prominent example are “UFO Abductees.” These folks have a strange experience, go to a “specialist,” get hypnotized and encouraged to look for confirmation of their alien abduction, probing, hybrid children, etc. They hang around with those who confirm and support the delusion, and are defensive with those who point out any other interpretation of their experience. They experience genuine PTSD symptoms because they have come to believe that the alien abduction was real. Then they take that as further confirmation that it was.

Same with this “genderfluid” and similar things. It ain’t gonna be pretty 10, 20, 30 years down the road when children, teens, and young adults who drank this koolaid suddenly realize they’ve been living a false life, and don’t know how to get on the road back to reality. :frowning:

It hardly matters, either, whether the media source is reliable or tabloid birdcage liner. Many people don’t take the time to consider the source, children aren’t educated enough to know how, and the sheer power of repetition as the theme is repeated in various media carries its own momentum of influence.


As they now say in the Phoneix legislature, St Lucifer pray for us.


Bit silly of them to say that as there is actually a real St. Lucifer:-


Yes, it was rejected this time.
But bad ideas never go away. “Gender fluidity” is the new rallying cry and it is becoming more and more accepted. In ten years no one will be sniggering at programs like this, they will be mandatory.


I don’t even know what any of it means.:rolleyes: This whole thing is getting creepier and creepier. We now live in an extremely bizarre world.


In Washington State, US, the bathroom law is already in place :mad:

And what about the ones who consider themselves “fluid”? This has the potential to turn into a free-for-all. The only solution on the bathrooms that I can see being workable would be individual private units, but that doesn’t address locker room showers and the like. :frowning: I’m not naive enough to think this hasn’t been happening in a covert way all along, but why is it so imperative that we validate it as a “right” and be so in-your-face about it? Sorry, I may be derailing the thread here a bit. I just get so frustrated by all this stuff.


Its strange WHY they want to ask them this??

Regarding the age though, 13 is about the age when myself and other classmates started becoming sexually active, and this was back in the mid to late 80s!! Kids probably start earlier nowadays, since they are bombarded with it at a younger age than we were.


While we’re at it, let’s ask them if their age-fluid as well. They might identify more as 14 or 16, or even 12 or 10, or 6, or maybe there are some 50 year olds among them who identify as 13 years old.


:thumbsup: Suits me. We all get to change our DOB on our passports to whatever age we ‘feel’ or would like to be. :smiley:


I’m guessing they are asking because a) it’s a hot topic, so they’re jumping on the bandwagon, and b) there is some push from GLBTQ+ advocacy organizations to identify these children so they can “help” them with their version of “support,” which is basically to affirm them in their perceived identities before the big bad religious people can “brainwash” them. Yet they are essentially doing the brainwashing since we are dealing with young, impressionable minds.

I remember when I was in junior high and we would have “career week” - it was a nightmare for me. Yes, the school meant well; they were trying to advise us what courses to take the next 4-5 years - but for me and I suspect many of our peers, it was WAY to early to settle on a career. There was so much about the world of work, and our own developing personalities, that we couldn’t possibly know. And now kids have to do the same thing with their sexualities - put themselves in boxes, or decide there are no boxes. There are going to be some screwed up adults from all this, mark my words.

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