Children calling Mormons Brother and Sister


Member of the Mormon church call each other Brother and Sister. I even met a woman who called our senator “Brother Hatch”. One day, my daughter was talking about one of her friends and called his parents Sister and Brother XXX. I told her to call them Mr. and Mrs. and explained that this was something the Mormons do and that we are Catholic. I have briefly explained to my children that we are Catholic but that not everyone is Catholic. What do you think about this? My husband agrees that we don’t want our children calling Mormons brother and sister as this has to do with their belief that we are all brother and sister “spirits” before we are born. Any comments?



We’re all bretheren in Christ even if it is a somewhat distorted view of Christ from the Mormon perspective. Besides, there’s no harm in calling any one brother or sister.


You are doing the right thing with your children.

I think calling Mormons brothers and sisters in the sense that they understand it (and this is how it would be percieved by them) only reinforces their erroneous beliefs, especially the error that Mormons are Christians. The Church has determined that Mormon baptisms are invalid. Also, Mormons believe in a plurality of Gods, but not in the concept of the Trinity as understood by Christians. These things alone are enough to put them outside the pale of orthodox Christianity.

I find it ironic that Mormons act offended that they are not honored with the name Christian, when the entire basis for the existence of their church is that all other churches, especially the Catholic Church, are apostate and abominations to the Lord.


I did not know that was why Mormans used brother and Sister. Since you do, explain to your kids why Mormans believe what they do, what Catholics believe (and why mormans are wrong). You would also be wise to talk about the promises in the Bible about the church being free from error, that is how we know Catholic Church teaches truth, God said so. etc. Since your kids have been exposed to this, they are not too young to have it explained, in words they can understand.

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