Children conceived through fertility treatment more likely to have mental health issues


Children conceived through fertility treatment like IVF are one third more likely to have psychiatric problems such as autism or schizophrenia than those born naturally, research suggests.

Although the increased risk was described as “modest” researchers found it persisted throughout childhood into adulthood.

However researchers believe that it is not fertility procedures that are to blame but rather mothers who struggle to get pregnant are passing down faulty genes to their offspring.


The last sentence contradicts the title of the thread.


I’ve often wondered, Abyssinia: People look all over creation in the hopes of discovering environmental causes for such maladies as autism and Asperger’s, but I suspect that many of these cases may result in part from substances inside the woman’s body at the time of conception or soon thereafter. This may not be PC to say, but I wonder whether contraceptive pills, anti-depressants and many other legal and illegal drugs contribute to the shocking increase in mental problems among children. Rob :hmmm:


I wonder whether or not contraception usage just before or even during pregnancy such as before the woman knows she is pregnant could cause birth defects, mental health issues, and other health issues in the child.

That said, I am really not surprised that children conceived through fertility treatment such as IVF could have an increased risk of mental health issues. Perhaps the reason why the woman can’t conceive and give birth to a child is because the genes that are being attempted to pass down are faulty and so the newly conceived child is miscarried or something.


That study - in the immortal words of Inigo Montoya: “I do not think it means what you think it means.”


Children conceived through fertility treatments and invitro fertilization are more likely to have mental health issues, increased rates of leukemia and other cancers, organs positioned outside of the body at birth, premature birth, and other health problems.

Children conceived while the mother is using birth control have a higher rate of being born transgendered or as hermaphrodites. They may also have other less apparent deformities to the genitals such as deformed ureatha.

These problems are some of the most obvious reasons to not use artificial insemination practices or birth control.


Please provide a medical source for these claims.


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