Children, Confession and Communion


For children who haven’t gone to confession since they received the sacrament(the closest is 2 years out the oldest is probably 8 years out) and haven’t been to church until recently,(They don’t remember how to go to confession and they don’t know things like the Act of Contrition.)……can these children receive Communion without going to confession first?



That would be setting a bad example and teaching them something that they may take into adulthood erroneously.

Children do not control whether they go to Mass or not. They are not culpable for mortal sin if their parents did not take them.

Children are capable of committing serious sins at their level-- lieing, cheating, being mean to others, stealing, etc. If they have serious sin, they should confess it. They should be encouraged to reconcile through the sacrament before approaching Holy Communion.

One doesn’t need to have anything memorized. You can print out a simple order of confession of the internet and they can take it into the confessional with them and tell the priest this is only their 2nd or 3rd or whatever confession and that they haven’t been to church in a long time.

Best to start them out on the right foot.


Thank you! Great advice abt printing the prayer!
There is a “serious sin” issue here. I am a grateful to have a constructive way to approach this!!!


Yes, this is what we do. I take my kids at least every 2-4 months, sometimes more often, and still I print the prayer out and we review the process of the sacrament before we go. The priest is more the happy to walk the penitent through the process and also to help reciting an Act if Contrition. There are several Acts of Contrition so depending on your priest, he may use a different one than you do, but in all actuality it doesn’t matter which one you use. It’s my understand that many people write their own to use. Most important thing is to just get to Confession.

As a mom, I recommend you speaking to the priest ahead of time to let him know that it has been a while and your kids may need some help making it through. He may be able to give you some guidance as well. At the very least, he will be sure to be expecting to help them and make it a good experience


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