Children fight to live after lightning hits 11 in Paris park


PARIS — Eight children and three adults were struck by lightning Saturday in a Paris park after a sudden spring storm sent a bolt crashing down upon a children’s birthday party. Meanwhile, in western Germany, 30 people were sent to the hospital by a lightning strike at the end of a children’s soccer game. Three adults were seriously injured in that strike.

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Mother Nature exacts her toll yearly. And in the heartland its just an astonishing fact of life.


Saying prayers


[quote=Washington Post]The birthday group had sought shelter under a tree

I do not want to cast blame. The victims are suffering enough, as it is. However, perhaps the rest of us can learn from this tragic news.

If we can hear thunder, we are close enough to be struck by lightning. Do not simply shelter from the rain, take shelter from a possible lightning bolt.

With regard to the incident after the German football game:

[quote=Washington Post]“According to what everyone present says, there were no clouds in the sky . . . so this incident couldn’t have been expected,” he said.

If we are close enough to hear thunder, we are close enough to be struck by lightning. What the skies are like overhead doesn’t matter. The “bolt from the blue” is real, not simply proverbial.


Praying for the health & recovery of all & for their families.


How rare are thunderstorms in Europe?




"The birthday group had sought shelter under a tree"

Something like this happened at a soccer game in Boston in 2008, and it raised awareness at least in the soccer community. Coaches and parents have since been instructed to seek shelter in automobiles, which are usually parked near the field.

And last summer I was not far from a tree when it was struck by lightning. I was safe indoors. Part of the tree trunk exploded like a bomb, and I saw chunks of wood flying. You wouldn’t want to be near that. I understand, however, that electric shock is the main hazard.


The whole world gets thunderstorms, although they occur more often in NA.

The bolt can travel up to ten miles; one need not be under the cloud to be in danger.

For all involved, ICXC NIKA


Players have to go under shelter and wait 20 minutes as from thunder. If there is another thunder in the meantime,you start counting 20 minutes again. Then,it us often suspended.
This was in Texas,at least.


This is very sad and while I am not blaming anyone, sheltering under a tree is a big mistake. If lightning hits the tree it can indirectly hit the people under the three. All safety experts will tell you to never shelter under a tree during a thunderstorm.

That said, I was almost hit by lightning once when I was a child. It is absolutely true that the skies can be clear overhead and you can still be struck by lightning. The skies were clear overhead when my incident happened. My sisters and I were standing outside on a porch which had poles but no roof because the roof had not been built yet. On top of one of the poles was a metal hanger that my mom had nailed up there to hang flower pots. Lightning hit that metal hanger and I was the one closest to the pol. Thankfully, none of us were injured.


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