Children/grandchildren estranged from Catholic Faith


Hi, I am new to this, but here goes. Both of my children and their children do not practice their Faith. We have been estranged for a couple of months. With whom can I speak to know how to deal with this in the best fashion?



Estrangement completely cuts you off from any type of input you can offer as a parent and grandparent.
Would it be possible for you to let go of the religious issues? Let it be. This will allow you back into their families. It is important for the grandkids to know their grandparents. They can learn a lot about many things following your example. Your time with them is short because they grow up so fast. Just keep praying. Someday you might find them coming back to the faith.


Thanks for the suggestion. I will try.


Are you mom or dad? Kids tend to follow the religious practice of dad.


Mom. Their Dad, although baptized Catholic after kids were born, does not practice. We are divorced. He is married to a woman who practices Wicca?


Is it religion that is causing the estrangement? If so, then you need to let it go. Your child is an adult, and entitled to make decisions about belief and faith. Christianity supports the family, it doesn’t seek to divide it over such things. Your grandchildren will be in the same boat as adults, for now they need to respect the decisions about religion that their parents make for them.


I agree, your children are adults and it is time for you to respect their choice even without agreeing. Resolve not to discuss matters of faith. Love your children and grandchildren, that’s it! let them know you love them unconditionally. Your Christian values will show through without you saying a word and that’s enough for now let God do the rest. The Holy Spirit is powerful but He is in charge not you. Isn’t estrangement the first tactic of the evil one.! Don’t permit that to happen and you won’t because you refuse to let them be alone without your visible love and care in all those little ways that only a parent can show.
God Bless,nannyma


I would suggest the book “Search and Rescue” by Madrid.


This might get long, and I do apologize.
I would recommend letting go of the religion angle. My mother was a hardcore Catholic, and back then, I was a lapsed Catholic. Whenever we would talk about religion, it would end up in screaming match. Other than that, we got along very well. So we decided to leave religion out of polite conversation. I would help her with her youth group and religious ed, and she would not force me to go to Mass.
After she died, I came back to the church. I think she was asking St. Monica up for tips! :smiley: If she had been in my face about religion, I doubt I would have come back. It might be painful now, but you have to let people come on their own terms. Didn’t St. Francis say something like “Preach the Gospel always, and when necessary, use words”? I persoanlly detest people who are in your face trying to convert you, I want to do the exact opposite.


I’m 29, and this story is alot like mine. I was cradle catholic. chuch every week, catholic edcuation 6-12. I rebelled big time…looked at all the different Christian religions. Even at one point was very close to being a methodist minster or Anglican priest. It took me years to determine that home was home for me, and, unlike what Thomas Wolfe said, You CAN go home again.

It hasn’t been perfect for me, but whenever my mother and I would fight about it, it would push me further and further away from the church.

Don’t lecture or cut people out of lives. That’s just not the Christian way of doing things.

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