Children investigated for laughing too loudly

The Telegraph:

**Children investigated for laughing too loudly **

  		**School pupils have been accused of laughing too loudly during playtime. **

Council inspectors are investigating a Roman Catholic primary school after complaints about the noise levels.

Officials from a noise pollution team were brought in after neighbours claimed they were being confined inside their homes due to the “unbearable” screams of laughter from the youngsters.

Locals also complained about shouting by the school’s sports teacher during games lessons at SS Osmund and Andrew’s Primary School in Breightmet, near Bolton, Greater Manchester. One described it as a “monotone bellowing”.

Nearly 150 people who live near the 384 pupil school which aims to “nurture the Christian values of love and respect for others” have signed a petition demanding that Bolton Council takes steps to reduce the noise.

Investigators have now caried out noises assessment tests to see if the levels of laughing exceed tolerable limits recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Oh, bollocks!

I wish I could say “only in UK” or in selfish, secular, anti-child Europe but I’ve seen ridiculous “noise” complaints here.

I am sure this “noise” of children and their coaches only takes place during daylight hours, so why are they complaining unless the people in this area all work nights. Get ear plugs then. The laughter of children is the best noise yet…if it was the noise of children weeping and wailing that would be different…I would investigate this too. Puleeeeezzzz! More reasons to pray. Hopefully, the courts will toss this out as frivolous and send a bill to those who are complaining.

Well, it’s obvious that these children are attempting to illegally promote Catholic laughter at the expense of non-Catholic chuckling or secular snickering.

I mean, it is patently obvious here that the Council is strenuously defending the separation of Humour and State.

How dare these children be joyful while at play! Don’t they realize they are only allowed to be noisy and obnoxious and scandalous when they are drunk, high on drugs or snogging on a public park bench?

The inmates are running the asylum.

Are you suggesting that’s why the local council dismissed the local residents’ complaints about noise?

Oh well.

Now I could understand if they had been asked to be silent, in class, in a library, or even outside a library if the walls were that thin, but AT PLAY? :confused:This is ridiculous.:frowning:


I don’t understand why we make it so difficult for children to be children. Do we really hate our children that much?

I don’t understand this headline. The children aren’t being investigated; neighbors of a school are complaining that its noise level is too high, and the locality is checking to see whether the school is violating noise-level laws. This happens all the time, and not just to schools. If your organization produces too much noise (there are set limits), you’ll be ordered to tone it down.

Yes, but what does “tone it down” mean on a school playground? How is this to be accomplished without placing a burden on the children? The burden of toning down the noise level of children at play may be heavier than the burden of enduring the laughter of the children. Do the noise level laws account for this? Is there such a thing as natural noise that cannot be toned down and is childhood laughter such a noise? Yes, I appreciate the need for laws governing noise levels in urban settings, but some noises should be exempt. The noise of a passing ambulance, for instance, or the noise of birds should be exempt. The laughter of children at recess on a school playground is another noise that should be exempt, in my opinion.

A couple of months ago, it would have ended up with 1000 posts on the subject of the naughtiness of Obama, it’s just another manufactured wrath thread.

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