Children need wholesome heroes


Children need wholesome heroes
Shmuley Boteach
Apr. 10, 2007

If a Martian were to come down to earth, he would wonder how America has so prospered when it is so consumed with who Jennifer is now dating, and whether she has finally gotten over Brad (that’s Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, in case you live on Mars).

The United States is a living contradiction. On the one hand, education is so important to us that approximately 60 percent of the population has gone to college. On the other hand, we burn our brain cells on the sordid lives of our even more sordid celebrities. The greatest democracy in the world endlessly examines whether Britney is wearing underpants. That we have allowed ourselves to devolve into such inanity is a national tragedy.

But beyond the misfortune of wasted potential, there are our children to think about. The most serious repercussion of our obsession with Hollywood is that celebrities have become our children’s heroes. And what indeed are the repercussions of damaged narcissists being the personalities that our children most worship?


It’s the natural extension of the all-consuming free market.

We become so obsessed with making money that we all live boring and pointless lives. So we pay somebody else to live an interesting life for us, then pay to read about it in a magazine.

That’s what happens when people give up on the possibility of ever making the world a better place.


I guess I live on Mars, then…:stuck_out_tongue: You earthlings are so weird. :smiley:


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