Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord


We are asked to obey our parents unless they ask us to do something against Church teachings.

But what about if they give a command without full understanding of the topic? If we go against something our parents tell us to do, but they have an inaccurate understanding of it, would this be a sin? (Assuming doing said action isn’t sinful itself.)


I think it’d depend on the situation. There’s also the chance you only think they misunderstand the situation. So if you give us some examples, it might provide more useful discussion.


If your parents tell you to do something, AND it isn’t immoral or doesn’t contradict the fullness of the Christian faith, it would be a sin against the commandment to honor our father and mother if we go against them intentionally*, even if we don’t think they fully understand.

(*Assuming we are bound to obedience to them, as in the case of being minors who still live with their parents, etc…).


Our obedience isn’t necessarily blind though. IF we think they don’t understand, it’d be acceptable to debate it.


I imagine there are many deeds or actions a parent can ask a child to do that would be unwise to obey, but not necessarily or specifically outlined in church teaching.

So a child must also use one’s own judgement regarding what they are asked or told to do by a parent. A parent isn’t infallible or automatically wiser just because they are the parent.
There may be times when the child knows better or best.



But don’t all teens understand things better than thier parents. I know I did!:stuck_out_tongue:


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