Children of God: A baptism Question

Are we all sons and daughters of God as a result of Baptism or before baptism?

As in a person who is not baptised is not, in reality an adopted child of God albiet made in the image and likeness of Him but not yet a brother or sister in the Lord.

Originally, through Adam and Eve, we were all creations made in the image and likeness of God, and destined for a close relationship with God. And all humans are children of Adam and Eve.

But it was through th covenants with Abraham and Moses that humans of the Chosen People became part of God’s wider family, and it is only through Baptism that we become adopted sons and daughters and co-heirs of the Father, and adopted siblings to Jesus. (Although there is baptism of desire too.)

The unbaptized are our brothers and sisters through Adam; unbaptized Christians are also fellow students of our common Master and fellow worshippers of God.

Everyone has been created in the image and likeness of God whether or not they get Baptized

The Catechism indicates that we become children of God by being baptized.

The newly baptized is now, in the only Son, a child of God entitled to say the prayer of the children of God: “Our Father.”
(CCC 1243)

The unbaptized are still made in the image and likeness of God, and our brothers and sisters, but they don’t become children of God until they are baptized.

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