Children of Roman Catholic priests--W.H.O.


So is there such a large support for a married priesthood, because children of the clergy want there parents to be together?


You got a link for that figure?


Edit: To make sure the context of this is clear, the OP originally claimed that 40% of Catholic priests have children. They have since changed the title, but you can still see it by clicking the orange pencil in the upper-right corner of their comment and cycling through the changes.

The OP also didn’t not originally have a link, which you can see by using the above method to go to their original post. I would also like to point out that the OP’s link still doesn’t seem to support their initial claim, unless I’m missing it.


And how many of those are Eastern Catholics?


Sorry, fresh out of Reynolds wrap.


You mean you just made up the “forty percent” fake statistic?


I see. Yesterday 80% of priests were gay. Today 40% have kids. OK.



Four out of three statistics are still wrong though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I need to check and review the third half of this data :nerd_face:


No, I don’t think this really isn’t the issue.

The push for married priests (by some priests & bishops) is an attempt to change Church theology in regards to sex and fasting.

The Church historically taught that married priests had to refrain from sex for a day before celebrating mass.

This is why the Eastern Catholic Churches typically don’t have daily mass… because if they do, it’s sometimes difficult to have sex with their wives.

Married priests historically have to refrain from
sex on all fasting days and days of abstinence. They also have to refrain from sex from vespers the evening before until after the celebrate the Mass/Divine Liturgy.

Married Priests who celebrate mass everyday in the Latin Rite either receive dispensation from this rule or they follow it.

My point - the clergy who say bring back the married priesthood never talk about the sex fast, and I doubt they would want it.

Btw ———————

It’s also funny how many of these nations who really want married clergy don’t have many married deacons.

Here in the United States, we have a lot of married deacons and I’ve heard many American priests say the the married deacons have proven that a married priesthood would be a mistake. They say that many married deacons struggle to find for their ministry during the week and a lot of them are weekends only in the parish.

This concerns the priests because most Perm Deacons have older or adult children and not little ones. But a married priest would have young kids at one point.

It would also be hard to put married priests at large Parishes due to the time commitment to the parishenors and the multiple priest thing…


" Forty percent of Catholic priests have children"

It is also possible that it would be better if the children could be raised by both a father and a mother.


I attended mass provided by Bishop Jamie of the diocese of Sacramento, to view the relic of St. John Vianny, touring the U.S. to heal the priesthood. I believe that I arrived on time, but heard somehow among the 2,000 attending that 40% of priests fathered children. Bishop Jamie I heard was a whistleblower in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, politically they shut him out and transferred him to Sacramento.


So now it’s “40% of the 2000 attending” that have children?

Unless you can cite this from somewhere else, it is just something you may have made up or misheard.


Are you sure the statistic wasn’t about priests who had children before they were priests? I’ve literally heard homilies where the priest talks about his ex wife and children (I assume the marriage was annulled). There have been some well known priests (e.g. Thomas Merton) who did have a child too. As I understand he wasn’t involved in that child’s life though. Threads pop up here on CAF regularly too about men discerning for priesthood who have a child from a past relationship.

My “guess” is that the number of priests with children before they were priests is significant; however, 40% seems too high. It would be an interesting number to see.


I was at that Mass and heard no such thing. My husband was also there and he did not hear that. Are you saying that Bishop Soto somehow Iaddressed this issue publicly? Or you heard gossip? I’m still unclear as to how you came to this figure and its relationship to Bishop Soto and the Mass that we both attended.


Gender is a societal construct, okay? Don’t try to put them in your box of sexuality…


You coulda made up a more believable lie dude

Just saying😂

Thanks for the laugh though



So is parenthood! Tomorrow’s headline: “100% of priests identify as having (spiritual) kids.”


No, I am not saying, Bishop Soto provided statistics.

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