Children Of The Grave

Was on the Sci-fi channel last night and had some interesting and creepy material last night.

In the early twentieth century children were kept in orphanages that were often called asylums and were even called inmates. They were the unwanted children of society. The children were often known by a number and not allowed to have their own name. As if things were bad enough, hundreds of children were killed through contaminated or possibly purposefully poisoned milk with chemicals such as formaldehyde. And that wasn’t sad enough. Hundreds of children were buried in mass graves and never identified.

And now their restless souls are condemned to wander the grounds for eternity because they hadn’t been saved.

What was creepy about it was the EVP, or electronic voice phenomena that they had captured. EVP is essentially a piece of noise that is inaudible to the human hearing range that is caught on tape.

The second most prominent story was a place called Zombie Road that was along the Merrimac river. Along the road dozens of people had died due to accidents. others died to Satanic activity in the area. The woods and road around that area are known for being haunted by shadow people, and the showed one particular photo of roughly ten or so shadow children being shown in the trees. This phenomena was captured on film as well.

It’s kind of sad to think that these souls will never be saved and be forced to wander for all eternity.

For those who’ve never heard of shadow people, what they are is paranormal manifestations of demons in the form of a black mass or a shadow.

Here’s one page on them:

And another

The clips on the children in the orphanages were so sad. True or not, regarding the “paranormal”…my heart broke to think how unloved, unwanted and unimportant they must have felt. How scared…especially the ones that “Jeff” was supposed to have “hurt” in that upstairs room. :mad: Wow and then the mother’s who gave their children milk thinking they were providing for them but really unknowingly poisioning them! The mass grave clip was heart breaking too!

I think the Zombie Road clip was kinda off though. I mean they said there were modern day Satanic acts there…so DUH what did they think they would find there.

Do you ever watch “Ghost Hunters”? I like Jason and Grant because they go in with the De-Bunk mentality!

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