Children playing mass


What are your opinions? Sinful or not? Appropriate or not?

I understand an innocent child playing would be cute and not sinful.

But lets talk about someone who is of age of reason and already accounting communion. (12,13,14,?)

If they done it in reverence, UNDERSTAND it’s not real, and does not do it in public, is it of any sinful nature?

In my opinion, I don’t think it is if they understand its not real and not doing it in public.

Your opinions?



In all innocence, my sisters and I used to do that as little children, we knew it wasn’t 'the real thing. It only meant it was important to us as small children.
We also played out the Lourdes and Fatima stories.
What it did show was that our Catholic faith was central to our young lives.

Your children are innocent, but this does give you an opportunity to share how sacred Mass is, and that they need to continue to love Mass when they are present during the holy Sacrifice.
While they mean no harm you could suggest that they save their attention for Mass itself instead playing at Mass. In this way you can reinforce its centrality, and its true sacred nature.


I remember one evening at the dinner table when my brothers and I were relatively young. I was probably 8 or so. We had a major case of the dinnertime giggles. Everything was funny to us at the moment. And in my giggly fit, in an attempt to be “funny”, I remember taking my bread, dipping it into my roast beef and gravy, and holding it up to my brother while saying “The body of Christ”. …I don’t think I have ever heard my mom yell in me in quite that same tone ever before or ever again. At the time, when my mom got on me about how irreverent it was, I felt awful. I still feel bad remembering it. But I wasn’t meaning to be irreverent, I was just being a kid. A kid who said the absolute wrong thing at the absolute wrong time… and I definitely learned my lesson for it. :wink:


I read somewhere in on this forum that play-acting the mass could be a sign pointing to a priestly vocation.


They actually sell “Mass” kits for children. I don’t see a problem with older boys playing Mass.


I used to play Mass all the time. I used to be the cantor, lector, and priest all in one. I recall myself giving homilies to my stuffed animals.


From an interview I heard on tv, it certainly seemed alright for Timothy Cardinal Dolan when he was a child. Apparently they use to call it “Tim’s Mass”. lol


I have been trying to wrap my head around this since last night, and I just cannot imagine where on earth you are coming from. What under God’s creation could lead you to even think that kids playing Mass is a SIN? I just really do not get it. Can you explain your thinking?

I think you need some serious self reflection here, because this is way off the scale IMHO.


You do understand that these are still children and that play is a huge, important way children learn, process, and make sense of their world, right?



I can recall myself doing that as a child. I'm no appologist but I don't see how this could be sinful, as long as there is not a sense of mockery about it.


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