Children Raised by Homosexuals are 7 times more likely to be Gays or Bisexuals

See: A Review and Analysis of Research Studies Which Assessed Sexual Preference of Children Raised by Homosexuals by Trayce Hansen, PhD
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The title of this study should be:

Children raised by homosexuals are 7 times more likely to come out as gay or lesbian

Where is this study published? If it’s not published it has no scientific value. And it’s not a study, it’s not even a review. It’s a mere critique of some previous studies

What can we expect when such children are brought by immoral people committing depraved acts?

Homosexuality is not a learned behavior, but rather a consequence of biological factors. To say that children are “more likely to be Gay or Bisexual” when raised by homosexuals is scientifically incorrect. Definitive conclusions concerning sexual and gender identity will be found in the biological studies, not social. When reading this ‘summary of studies’ it is apparent that the children did not copy the parental homosexual behavior but rather felt comfortable to admit their sexual identity compared to heterosexual parents when majority of children wait until lat adolescence or early adulthood thus, preventing those numbers to be included in the study. Also, one may be able to use these statistics in a case to prove genetics are a basis for homosexual behavior.

That has NOT been proven. You need to read more widely and listen to those who have studied the formation of sexuality and the varieties of situations leading to that. The latest research rather indicates a stronger likelihood of a combination of inclination and environment as the combined formative elements, with in fact environment being the more determinant aspect. That is because it is not external physical behaviors per se (role modeling of lifestyles) that most produce an “imprinting” onto the young psyche, but rather the absence of positive same-sex (not opposite sex) role-modeling for the young child in a way that allows that child to identify. It’s the perceived deficit of positive identity that draws the child away from embracing the particular same-sex in the parent, replacing that archetype with a same-sex stranger with whom the child feels freer to communicate, be understood, etc.

This tendency is particularly prominent in males and appears to confirm other evidence of insufficient/superficial parenting by too many fathers. (I’m going by what I heard from a degreed expert in the field who was on the radio recently; wish I could remember the name.) Thus, fathers who are more emotionally available to their sons and actively communicate acceptance to their sons – including of any “softness” in the personality or anything that stereotypically or traditionally is considered “feminine,” are more likely to raise heterosexual sons than homosexual ones.

I don’t believe this for a second.

What about those “christian” people who have gay children? it can happen to anybody. Having gay parents is not gonna change someone’s sexual orientation

Really? The bibliography is extensive. What particularly don’t you believe?

Prove it. Behavorial is learned and or re-enforced by repeating it. Though a child is hungry when it is born it doesn’t know how to eat. Even if someone has SSA they do not know how to be a sodomite until someone else leads them through the motions. Behavoir is learned through experimentation and if you repeat a behavoir it becomes re-enforced thus learned.

Because it’s genetic, your parents have no control of genetics.

Homosexuality is NOT GENETIC. There is no proof whatsoever of homosexuality being genetic in any way. It’s a scientific myth that’s been trying to be proved right for many years now, just so homosexuals can go and say “Oh see? Now there’s nothing wrong with us marrying”

Unless they find some proof of a “homosexual gene” (which I believe doesn’t exist) your point is null.

Many studies are saying otherwise. Including one that says homosexual men have similar brains to heterosexual woman and that homosexual woman have similar brains to heterosexual men

I would be interested in a good survery of this type, but the author makes little attempt at pretending this is a proper impartial peer-reviewed academic review.

Maybe it is “seven times more likely”, but the reference quoted is certainly not one that anyone should take too seriously: we can’t say one way or another from the link that was given.

Homosexual men’s identical twins are arond twice as likely to be homosexual as other people are. About two percent of men are homosexual. So, the gene doesn’t do any more (and because they usually grew up in the same environment, might do less) than cause a one-in-25 chance of homosexuality. Something in the environment raises it to 100%. That means the environment can multiply the odds of homosexuality by as much as 25.

I think it’s more than 2%

All the properly conducted studies find the figure to be 2 to 2.5 percent of men and 1.1 to 1.4 percent of women, gay or bisexual. The widely-cited ten-percent figure came from just one study, the discredited Kinsey Report, which falsified and duplicated responses to fill it out because it had a sample shortfall, and was mostly conducted among prisoners and included thirdhand responses, and which also defined “homsexual and bisexual” as “having had a homosexual experience or impulse” at any time in the past ten years (or was it 20?).
Kinsey misled the people about what others were doing and thinking very badly. He took convicted child molesters’ word on when people begin having sexual desires. :eek: I wouldn’t let him tell me what train to take to City Hall.

Can I see a study that says that please?

APA’s New Pamphlet on Homosexuality
De-emphasizes the Biological Argument, Supports
a Client’s Right to Self-Determination

The APA has now begun to acknowledge what most scientists have long known:
that a bio-psycho-social model of causation best fits the data.

It was found homosexuality occurs 7 times more in men than in females. Once they found this then it led them to early childhood findings.

It boiled down to this: ALl of us are born “female”. A boy needs a father to show him how to be a man.

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